A powerful vision for education

I have known and respected Andrew Blumenfeld for a long time. Over the years, I remember thinking that he had more insight and depth than most people I knew. Three years into Princeton have provided more education and experience. He has exceptional intellect that allows him to acquire, sort, and synthesize information in ways that I find enlightening. If you listen to him you may find, like I have, some exciting possibilities for our district to consider.

Blumenfeld is an extraordinarily available person. He is able to use technology to assist him to be here when he is away. If you call or email, I know from personal experience, that he will respond promptly. Email him for yourself and find out.

I consider that Blumenfeld attending Princeton is actually a great advantage to us. Blumenfeld will use that think tank institution to assist him in finding and evaluating opportunities for us all in La Cañada.

Blumenfeld has strong opinions for change. I also attest that he is a mediator. I know that Blumenfeld listens very carefully to understand each person's point of view. I am certain he will work to incorporate the best ideas presented on the table, and in the literature, to help direct policy for our district. As a school board member, Blumenfeld will have an ear and respect for every opinion presented to help our children thrive. He knows that collaboration with all stakeholders is key to improving our already great educational system.

Blumenfeld brings tremendous talent to La Cañada. May our community snatch the opportunity to elect this exceptional native son who has a powerful vision for education. Please join me in voting for Andrew Blumenfeld. Our school children will flourish under his leadership.

Sally Kalaghan

La Cañada Flintridge

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