Country, Cañada and Callas

It's beautiful when a handful of people can hatch an idea that benefits others they may never meet. Last week's charity concert by the Texas Tenors is an example of how people of La Cañada Flintridge can put their neighbors first while having a good time.

The Texas Tenors — who launched a career after a successful run on “America's Got Talent” and who sing a one-of-a-kind, opera-to-Grand-Ol'-Opry repertoire — met La Cañadan Martha Burns on a cruise ship three years ago.

Burns became a hard-core fan of the group, the group members became fans of Burns and her family, and things culminated last week in a charity concert at Lanterman Auditorium that raised $50,000 for the Community Scholarship Foundation of La Cañada Flintridge.

Marcus Collins of the Texas Tenors hinted afterward that the event might become a tradition, which would be an enormous boost to local charitable efforts. Even if it does not, the April 20 show already did a world of good.

La Cañadans got a little opera (and honky tonk) fix right here in town, teens yet to be identified will get a leg-up in their efforts to attend the college of their choice, and the Texas trio picked up a whole city full of fans.

Who said country, or Maria Callas, wasn't cool?

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