Flexibility in protection of deodar cedars

Thanks to the Valley Sun and reporter Tiffany Kelly for publicizing the City Council meeting of March 18, regarding removing the deodar cedar as a protected tree from the newly-revised tree ordinance. Such news articles are often how we citizens are alerted to pending decisions so that we can appear before council and make our feelings known.

As stated in the March 21 article, the City Council voted to delay adoption of Ordinance No. 411 until language is added to continue protection of deodar cedars within certain specific areas of the upper Alta Canyada area. It is significant to note that I recommended, and the council agreed, to continue protecting deodars within the front yard areas of residences and in the right-of-ways of city streets in the upper Alta Canyada area to a depth of approximately 15 to 20 feet from street curbs.

Inclusion of deodars in the specific areas to be described in the new ordinance registers the city’s determination to preserve the historic character and visual beauty of the upper Alta Canyada neighborhoods, as it has done since cityhood in 1976.

Deodar trees located outside the designated areas and in residential back yards are not expected to be subject to the new tree ordinance, allowing homeowners more flexibility in the use of their properties.

I’m sure that the residents of the upper Alta Canyada area appreciate the city council’s willingness to adjust the new ordinance to preserve our valued deodar trees.

Robert Craven
La Cañada Flintridge

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