K-rails should stay on Ocean View

In the May 9 edition of the Valley Sun there was an article regarding the K-rails here. It reads in part, “The barriers, known as K-rails, were installed in 2010, one year after the mudflows ravaged hillside properties when rains hit the Station fire burn area with nothing to hold the top soil in place.”

I cannot say, from my own knowledge, when the K-rails were installed in other areas of La Cañada, but here at the top of Ocean View Boulevard, the K-rails were installed in October 2009. This was before the mudflows hit us.

My wife and I were at home at the time of the mudflows. The K-rails were held in place, though not anchored down, through the apertures provided by the manufacturer. After the mud flow, the K-rails, which were widely scattered, were returned to the original positions and anchored down to the roadway.

The K-rails at the top of Ocean View Boulevard, in my opinion, should remain in place until Los Angeles County will verify that the Mullally Debris Basin will again be cleaned out on an annual basis as before. This policy was discontinued in 2002. 

Joseph E. Noonan Jr.
La Cañada Flintridge

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