Buses need a new place to park

The buses are still there! Every night and every weekend for over a month two charter buses have been parked on a residential street overnight near La Cañada Elementary School. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for one of these buses to be found blocking an intersection at rush hour while discharging children into the very dangerous environment surrounding that intersection. It’s sheer chaos and somebody is going to get hurt!

This violation of three city parking ordinances and several sections of the vehicle code has not changed in spite of written complaints to both the city and the school district. Children and youth are in danger here and nobody is taking action.

We appreciate the service that summer day camps provide for the children of our community, and have no objection to charter buses loading and unloading children and youth at a school. Storing buses on a residential street during the height of the real estate season and discharging campers from buses in the middle of a busy intersection are both unacceptable, however. The city of LCF, in its responsibility to enforce traffic and parking ordinances, and the school district, with its responsibility to govern the use of its facilities, need to act to correct this situation immediately.

Jim Stoker
La Cañada Flintridge

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