Letter: City responded quickly to trimming needs

I called the city on a recent day to ask that the two overgrown Chinese elms and liquidambar trees in front of our house on Carmel Road be checked and trimmed. The following day an inspector was out to check the trees and determine that they did, in fact, need trimming. He said that the trimming would take place within the next two weeks, depending on the crews’ schedules. Last Friday a crew was out and trimmed one Chinese elm before they had to go to a meeting. They said they would be out to trim the second Chinese elm and the liquidambar this morning. They were, promptly and efficiently. They did an excellent job trimming, topping and shaping the trees, and an outstanding job of cleaning up the job site.

Thank you to Director of Public Works Edward Hitti, his staff, the inspector and the crew for their excellent work done in a most timely manner.

Bill Holmes
La Cañada Flintridge

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