Letter: Utility offers rebates, water-saving tips

As you are all aware, we are in a serious drought statewide and the governor has asked everyone to do their part and reduce their water use by 20%. One of the key ways you can conserve is to limit your outdoor water use.

Typically in our area more than 50%, and in some cases, as much as 75% of water use goes to irrigating outdoor landscapes. If your turf springs back when stepped on, it does not need watering. Have your gardeners raise their lawn mowers to allow for a longer turf blade which will help your lawn retain more moisture and stay greener longer. Also, please check your irrigation timers to ensure you are not over-watering.

Foothill Municipal Water District is also proud to offer you many types of “rebates” to conserve water both indoors and outdoors, including rebates to replace all or portions of your “thirsty lawn” with low­ water use, beautiful native plants or other low-water-use plant materials. Please go to www.fmwd.com, www.bewaterwise.com or www.socalwatersmart.com for more information. This link will take you directly to FMWD's rebate information: www.fmwd.com/Conservation.aspx.

Last Saturday, Foothill Municipal Water District and the Theodore Payne Foundation hosted a native-plant landscaping class and over 50 residents attended. Other classes are scheduled throughout the year with the next one being held on May 3 at the La Cañada Presbyterian Church. At this class, you will learn about landscape design using California native plants. Please call FMWD at (818) 790-4036 if you would like to attend or would like to be added to our email list to receive notices of all upcoming classes.

Together, we can avoid significant water shortages during this drought if we all conserve and reduce our water use.

Richard Atwater
La Cañada Flintridge

Editor's Note: The writer is president of the FMWD Board of Directors.

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