A little Flacco? A lot of funny Twitter reaction

(Sun file photo)
The Baltimore Sun

Word of a new addition to the Ravens nation broke on Twittter from ‏@TeamFlacco just before noon Thursday.

An 8-pounder named Stephen. Joe and his wife, Dana were all doing fine.

And it took mere seconds for the reaction to start flooding in, the sincere and, well, the less sincere. Here’s a taste:

Jen Royle ‏@Jen_Royle: Congratulations to Joe Flacco and his wife Dana on the birth of their first child, son Stephen Flacco. #Ravens @TeamFlacco

Karma Love ‏@ForeverUrsKarma: Congratulations to Joe Flacco on the birth of his son

Kristin Barnhouse ‏@kbarn15: Should’ve been my child but thats ok, one day Joe Flacco will realize we’re meant to be

Mary ‏@aznstarlette: Aaaaaawwwww there’s a little Flacco! #Ravens

@JDavis1007: Flacco got a kid now? It was probably picked off by the wrong doctor right out the womb

@espnafc_north: New addition to Flacco family ~ Gotta mute the rivalry for a bit and congratulate. #Ravens #Steelers

Thor Macht ‏@TMacht86: Congrats to #Ravens QB Joe Flacco for being a father with a son name Stephen!

Anne Boone-Simanski ‏@socialspeaking: Congrats 2 Ravens QB Joe Flacco on becoming a proud poppa of a son.

Rachel Marsh ‏@rachelmarsh_xo: welcome to the team, baby flacco!!!

Alethia ‏@PoetLadyNatural: Awww joe flacco got a boy I know he going be ready to show him how to play football

Marc Sherman ‏@marctsherman: Just what the #Ravens need, a sleep-deprived QB-->New addition to the Flacco family

chris slade ‏@Drtweetmonster: Flacco’s a dad now. Wants a new contract. Thats the right recipe for a breakthrough pro bowl caliber season #makeithappen

Cait ‏@Cait2024: Awww, Joe Flacco had a baby eyebrow!

Kaitlyn Ballard ‏@misstonystarks: Joe Flacco said everyone can hold his baby except Lee Evans.

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