Gregg Troy coaches four swimmers to Olympics

The Baltimore Sun

Monday was a big night for Gregg Troy, swim coach at the University of Florida and the U.S. men’s team going to the Olympics.

Ryan Lochte, Peter Vanderkaay, Conor Dwyer and Elizabeth Beisel all qualified for the Olympics on Monday, the first day of the swimming trials, and all are coached by Troy.

“I think it’s a true testament to how great of a coach he is,” said Beisel, who won the women’s 400-meter individual medley. “He truly is the best coach in the world.”

Lochte, who won the men’s 400 IM and qualified with second-place finisher Michael Phelps, said Troy’s tough training has him ready for a big trials, and Olympics.


“We trained really, really hard this whole year,” he said. “This is our time. We definitely put in the work and I guess we’re just ready.”

Troy runs a famously demanding program, and during the season, swimmers such as Lochte tend to turn up at Grand Prix races in training rather than racing form. But Lochte said that prepared him for his ambitious schedule at the trials, where he’s signed up for 11 races -- though he likely will scratch some.

“I have the background to keep me going to do multiple events,” said Lochte, confirming he’ll swim the 200-meter freestyle race Tuesday, which his rival Phelps will also swim.

Vanderkaay and Dwyer finished one and two in the 400-meter freestyle race and go on to London. Now headed to his third Olympics, Vanderkaay previously trained in Michigan for about eight years and said he felt the need to “change it up” and get out of his comfort zone. That led him to Troy.


“I have a ton of respect for Coach Troy and the Florida program,” Vanderkaay said Monday night. “In fact, he recruited me when I was coming out of high school, so I’ve known Gregg for a while, and it seemed like a good fit for me.”