Orioles catcher Matt Wieters returns to team after different kind of extra innings

The Baltimore Sun

Orioles catcher Matt Wieters joked that he will receive no slack from his wife, Maria, if he ever has to catch another 18-inning game.

That’s because Maria was in labor for 23 hours, from Thursday morning into early Friday, before giving birth to the couple’s first child, an 8-pound, 2-ounce, 23 1/4-inch boy named Maverick Luther Wieters.

“No sympathy for me,” Wieters said before playing Saturday’s game against Boston. “Catching 18 innings was a lot easier than what she had to do. I’d probably have to catch three in a row, 18-inning games, to equal that.”

Maria Wieters, a former cross country runner at Georgia Tech, was induced Thursday morning at 6 a.m. at Greater Baltimore Medical Center.


“It was a long day,” Wieters said."My wife is a trouper and went through 23 hours of labor before he actually came out. A lot of it was just waiting for the contractions, but what she was going through, she was even more tired than I was.”

It was a sleepless night Thursday for Wieters -- though the Orioles catcher was able to watch the team’s 9-1 win over the Red Sox on Friday night on television before going to sleep.

“I actually got a little bit [of sleep] last night,” Wieters said. “The first night, not much at all, but last night I was able to scrap together five, six, eight hours there somewhere, so I feel good today.”

It was tough to be away from the team, Wieters said, but watching rookie second baseman Ryan Flaherty’s first-inning grand slam improved his outlook.


“I just told Flaherty that he made my night a little easier in the first inning when he was able to hit that ball out,” said Wieters, who started Saturday, his 128th at catcher this season.

As for the name Maverick, it’s not a reference to the movie “Top Gun.”

“We wanted something that was a little unique,” Wieters said. "[We] both liked an ‘M’ name, so we wanted to find an ‘M’ that sounded unique, and I think my mother-in-law mentioned it one day and it just rang as something that was a pretty cool name.

“I find it hard to find a non-cool Maverick.”

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