Starlin Castro relieved after trade deadline passes

Cubs’ Starlin Castro talks about dealing with trade rumors.

Chicago Tribune

Manager Joe Maddon noticed that shortstop Starlin Castro looked relieved as early as pre-game batting practice Friday night.

And Maddon and Castro gave some inkling that the passing of Friday’s trade deadline might have caused the Chicago Cubs’ mercurial shortstop to play more relaxed.

Castro admitted he was stressed by the trade rumors before he drove in two runs to help lead the Chicago Cubs to a 4-1 win at Milwaukee.

“I don’t want to go nowhere,” said Castro, whose miserable season was further clouded when he was informed by friends that he could be traded. “It made me a little frustrated, thinking about this. But now it’s over and I’ll try to finish my season strong.”


Late Tuesday night, Maddon informed Castro that he wasn’t going to be traded, but those reports persisted despite the fact that Castro, 25, is batting only .237 with a .271 on-base percentage and will earn $43 million through 2019.

“I don’t really watch TV or (follow) rumors,” Castro said. “Sometimes people call me and tell me, ‘hey, we see on the news.’ That’s why I say, ‘don’t call me for that. Just try to keep me away .’

“I don’t use my Instagram account anymore just because maybe the fans text me and say I’m going to be traded. I don’t want to see this. It’s over now. I’ll keep fighting in here and try to finish strong.”

The Cubs and Castro hope a strong finish will offset a miserable four months. Maddon is aware that Castro batted .378 last August and was destined to bat .300 before suffering a season-ending ankle injury on Sept. 2.

“Things can change in one month, and I’ve done it before,” Castro said. “I think in one month, my season can be great. I’ll keep fighting, be positive and be consistent.”