Dodgers must find a way to curtail their abysmal strikeout rate

What’s up with all the strikeouts?

The Dodgers are whiffing at an alarming rate early this season. They’ve already struck out 215 times, just four below the major league-high marks of the Mets and White Sox.

By comparison, the Tigers have only 119 strikeouts in four fewer games.

You can’t get a hit if you don’t put the ball in play, which partially explains why the Dodgers have a dismal .301 team on-base percentage mark and are an unexpected 18th in runs scored.

This team is supposed to be an offensive juggernaut, but it’s shown only flashes of its potential thus far.

Few Dodgers have been able to free themselves of this unforeseen malaise. Matt Kemp has struck out 21 times in just 60 at-bats, Andre Ethier 17 in 67, Justin Turner 13 in 37.

Strikeouts are rally killers, a crazy drain on the attack and partly explains why the Dodgers’ offense has been so inconsistent.

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