Franklin Stubbs

Franklin Stubbs, first baseman 1988 stats: .223, 8 HRs, 34 RBIs Where is he now? Stubbs is the batting coach for the triple-A Albuquerque Isotopes, a minor-league affiliate of the Dodgers. What is your most memorable moment from that season? "Jesse Orosco put some black stuff in Gibson’s helmet in spring training. Gibson didn’t play that day because he said we played around too much. I realized at that time that we had a chance to win. It was in the first week of games at Vero Beach." What went through your mind when Kirk Gibson hit that Game 1 homer? "I still remember Mel Didier saying that if the count was 3-2, Eckersley would throw a backdoor slider. That’s what he said. The main thing was that Mike Davis stole second base because I knew he couldn’t run. I said, ‘Here it comes.’ I didn’t think he could get around a fastball but I thought he could get around a slider. I was thinking, ‘We got Game 1. We’ve got three more to finish the deal.’ When you’re a little kid, all you dream about is playing in a World Series and winning. You can’t explain it." Do you ever wear your World Series ring? "I never wear it because I gave it to my oldest son, but he doesn’'t know. You'’ve got to pass it on."
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