Letters to the Editor: Does Trump think he can just bluff the coronavirus?

President Trump takes a tour on Tuesday of a Honeywell International plant in Phoenix that manufactures personal protective equipment.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: So our captain of state has telegraphed his intention to sail into a pack of icebergs at flank speed, ignoring the wishes of the majority in steerage who don’t want that. (“White House may close its coronavirus task force this month,” May 5)

Many years ago, Herman Kahn wrote of optimal strategy in the game of chicken: “The ‘skillful’ player may get into the car quite drunk, throwing whisky bottles out the window to make it clear to everybody just how drunk he is. He wears very dark glasses so that it is obvious he cannot see much, if anything. As soon as the car reaches high speed, he takes the steering wheel and throws it out the window.”

Sound familiar? But there’s just one catch. Trump may think he can bluff his critics, but they are not his real opponent. He wants to play chicken with a virus.

The virus didn’t get the memo. It can’t read the memo. It can’t be bluffed.

John Morgan, La Cañada Flintridge



To the editor: Our country needs to be saved from the president. So, I have an idea: Why can’t the living ex-presidents offer to meet with Trump?

Maybe he’ll listen, maybe he won’t, but the publicity of such a meeting might cause him to change direction. Certainly he wouldn’t refuse a meeting with Presidents Carter, Bush, Clinton and Obama.

I only wish I could present this to someone who could make it happen. We need someone, anyone, to show Trump the way.

Chuck Mondrus, Northridge


To the editor: Your article on the president trying to distance himself from the pandemic prompts the question: Why doesn’t he just do himself and the rest of us a favor and resign?

Gil Katen, Culver City