Bob Burnquist knows how to win gold at X Games

After 17 X Games and 21 medals, it makes sense that Bob Burnquist would know what it takes to win gold.

Burnquist proved that again Friday night in the Skateboard Big Air competition, landing two 540-degree turns in his fourth run to earn a score of 92.66 points.

“It feels great,” Burnquist said. “It’s a dream. I never thought I’d be holding it down this long.”

Burnquist landed two of the only six runs to include two successful tricks. Defending gold medalist Jake Brown failed to land a single run as he attempted a backflip over the 70-foot gap, and 14-year-old sensation Mitchie Brusco never even got to attempt his famed 900. In Brusco’s final four runs, he failed to land his jump over the gap preceding the quarterpipe.


“When the level of progression is where it’s at, that’s going to happen,” Burnquist said. “Nines aren’t that easy. People don’t realize ? nine isn’t just a number.”

Adam Taylor took silver with an 89.22 for his 360 over the gap and a 540 on the quarterpipe. Taylor has finished fourth in the Big Air competition three times, so he relished his time on the podium.

“One of my career goals is to get an X Games medal,” Taylor said. “I went with my really good run, so I could have a score. Then I went for my gnarly run.”

Taylor failed to land his gnarly run, fitting with the day’s theme.

Edgard Pereira took bronze with 87 points thanks to a trick similar to Taylor’s silver-winning run.

Burnquist will hop back on his skateboard Saturday to go for gold in the Skateboard Vert competition at 7:15 p.m. at Nokia Theatre.