Red Sox take out ad in St. Louis paper thanking team they just beat

The Boston Red Sox sure are a classy organization.

Either that or they sure know how to rub a championship in the face of the team they just beat in the World Series.

Red Sox ownership took out a full-page ad in Tuesday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch, thanking the city for its hospitality during the series and honoring the Cardinals  and their fans.

Boston-area fans got to read a similar letter in a full-page  Boston Globe ad last winter from the Chicago Blackhawks, who defeated the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final.

Maybe it's a bit over the top -- "Your region, its people, and the entire Cardinals organization represent everything that's great about baseball."

Or maybe the use of an Oxford comma might get under some people's skin (you know how controversial that can be).

Perhaps all the kind words come across as a bit smug, especially if you're a Cardinals fan still smarting in the aftermath of a series that ended not even a week ago. But at least John Henry and company didn't end the note with an ironic, "Too soon?"

Or maybe, just maybe, it's sincere. What do you think?

The full text, under the headline "From one great baseball town to another":

"On behalf of our partners and the entire Red Sox organization, thank you St. Louis. The warm Midwestern welcome you extended to our team and our fans during this year's hard-fought World Series is truly appreciated. Your region, its people, and the entire Cardinals organization represent everything that's great about baseball.

"We share the same colors and rich, storied baseball history that stretches from Musial and Williams, to Molina and Pedroia. We're both home to the most loyal, passionate fans in the game. And the four World Series in which we've gone head-to-head are still etched in the memories of those who love our sport.

"So we tip our hats to each and every one of you. We look forward to seeing you again next August. Let's hope that it's just a prelude to meeting again in October."


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