Clippers Coach Doc Rivers not consumed by team's offense

No team in the NBA does it better offensively than the Clippers.

But Clippers Coach Doc Rivers maintains he’s not overwhelmed by the fact that his team leads the league in scoring at 119 points per game.

“I know we’re leading the league, but that doesn’t consume me at all,” Rivers said. “I think we can score. When I look at this team, I felt that way coming into this season, that we should be able to. With the spacing of the shooters, from Matt Barnes to [Jared] Dudley to Jamal [Crawford] to Chris Paul to J.J. Redick to even [Byron] Mullens, the floor is spaced.

“And when you have athletes like Blake [Griffin] and DJ [DeAndre Jordan] rolling after they set picks, that creates an action in itself. So I did feel like we could score. Now obviously we’re scoring a lot.”

The Clippers have six players averaging double figures. Chris Paul is ranked third in scoring (26.5) and first in assists (13.3) in the NBA.

They also are ranked third in assists in the league, averaging 28.3 as a team.


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