Clippers, Rockets, feeling surly early, will butt heads again

Surely, it’s too early in the season to call this desperation time for the Clippers and Houston Rockets, but both teams probably feel some tension now.

That could lead to an all-out effort by both teams in an early-season November game when they play each other Saturday night at the Toyota Center.

The Clippers have lost the first two games on this three-game trip, leaving them nothing more than an average team at 3-3.

The Rockets just lost to the undermanned, expected-to-go-nowhere Lakers on Thursday night, leaving Houston with a 4-2 record and probably not in a very good mood.

To add to the intrigue, the Clippers just beat the Rockets at Staples Center Monday night. Perhaps the Rockets have some revenge on their minds.

As for the Clippers, who didn’t practice Friday, they don’t want to return home with a three-game losing streak and a less than .500 record.


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