UCLA football: Linebacker Myles Jack honored for scoring touchdown

UCLA freshman linebacker Myles Jack was named Pac-12 player of the week … Pac-12 player of the week for offense.

When told he was honored for work on the other side, Jack said, “No. Really? Wow. It seems a little bit strange, because I pride myself on defense. I guess, I’ll take it.”

Jack, who has been one of the Bruins’ top defensive players, was the running back in a special offensive package in a 31-26 victory over Arizona on Saturday. He had six carries and made the most of them, rolling up 120 yards. He is believed to be the first Pac-12 defensive player to be named player of the week on offense.

It was Jack’s 66-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter that gave the Bruins enough of a cushion to hold on.

“I didn’t believe they were going to use me until I was tossed out there,” Jack said.

The extra work tuckered him out.

“I took a nap on the plane ride home,” Jack said.

When he arrived there were text messages galore, including one from his mother.

“We got back at 3 a.m. and she texted to call her,” Jack said. “She still up and all excited. That was the most meaningful one I got.”

Though he prefers linebacker, Jack was already talking like a running back Monday.

 “It was all about the guy up front blocking for me,” Jack said.

Jack may or may not see more time at running back, Coach Jim Mora was coy about that. But Jack was wearing a white jersey for practice Monday.

Why white?

“Because we are playing at home and, when we play at home, the offense wears dark jerseys,” Mora said. 


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