Mississippi State Coach Dan Mullen wins chicken-wing-eating contest

He might not be a threat to Joey Chestnut or Takeru Kobayashi, but Mississippi State football Coach Dan Mullen has the technique and grace of the world's top competitive eaters.

Mullen displayed his gastrointestinal-challenging capabilities during Mississippi State's annual chicken-wing-eating contest Monday at a Buffalo Wild Wings outlet in Starkville, Miss.

Mullen, 40, downed 15 chicken wings in three minutes using the very reliable dip-and-strip method. Suffice it to say, he successfully defended his wing-eating title even though he reportedly ate 24 in five minutes last year.

Football and speed-eating have their risks, but it's great to see a coach willing to take on a sodium bomb in order to spend some quality time with his players.

It makes you wonder which other football coaches could have beaten their players in a wing-eating contest (Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid's taco-eating skills probably are transferable to wings).

Here's a look at Mullen's technique:


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