Raiders fans show support for team on the day of Vegas vote

Raiders fans gathered outside the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, where the NFL is voting on the team’s relocation to Las Vegas. (Gary Klein/Los Angeles Times)

As NFL owners huddled Monday morning to discuss -- and possibly vote on -- whether the Oakland Raiders would move to Las Vegas, a small contingent of Raiders fans gathered on the grounds of the Arizona Biltmore.

They were there to show support.

“Whether it’s yes or no, we’re supporting our team,” said Raul Jaramillo, who grew up in East Los Angeles. “I’m for Vegas, but if they stay in Oakland, we stay in Oakland. I’m a Raider fan for life.”

Jaramillo was one of four transplanted Angelenos living in Arizona among the seven Raiders fans who showed up in Raiders jerseys and team gear and held banners professing their love of Raider Nation. Arturo Alas, who grew up in Inglewood; San Fernando native Julio Armas; and Diana Lopez, who grew up in East L.A., also were part of the group.


“We’ve been through a few moves already,” Alas said. “That’s why we use the term Raider Nation. We’re everywhere.”

Jaramillo said a Raiders move to Las Vegas would result in a shorter trip to see their team. He also said fans from Los Angeles would attend games.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said. “We try to travel as much as we can. We’re worldwide.”

The group did not expect an audience with Raiders owner Mark Davis, but they said they would welcome it.


“We respect the process,” Jaramillo said. “It would be nice if Mark Davis wants to come out and talk to us. We’re out here.”

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