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Dan Woike on what you can expect

NBA reporter Dan Woike
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

Ready or not, basketball is back. Or at least it’s getting closer. So let us back into your phone.

See how I said “us” and not “me?” That’s because this time, I’m bringing reinforcements.

We’re re-launching Full-Court Text with some big-time help from inside the NBA’s bubble in Orlando. Lakers beat writer Tania Ganguli is on the scene, probably behind a face covering. I’m headed there in September. Together, we will be sharing exclusive content and insights about the Lakers, the Clippers and the rest of the NBA.

In addition to sending texts, videos and photos directly from the bubble, we’re working to organize special events for Full-Court Text subscribers. Maybe it’ll be Q+A sessions with writers. Maybe it’ll be game watch-a-longs with NBA legends. Maybe that legend will be Broderick Turner. It’s really all on the table and we’re open to your suggestions.

If you signed up during the season, just sit back, get the texts and say “Hello” to us. To join, either enter your mobile number in the signup field above or text HOOPS to +1 844-686-4868.

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What’s the difference between this and Twitter?

This is more of an immediate, in-depth, behind the scenes look at developments with the Lakers, Clippers and the rest of the NBA in the Orlando bubble coupled with Dan and Tania’s commentary. While Twitter can be a megaphone for the masses, Full-Court Text is an intimate conversation between fans.

It gives you the chance to ask questions and share opinions in private, direct messages to Times reporters. Dan and Tania might pass on some of these questions and opinions to players and coaches. They are also interested in hearing what you think would be a good story for The Times to write.

Will others see my phone number or messages?

No one else using the service will see your phone number or messages. Only Tania, Dan and their team will see responses and questions from group members.

Lakers beat writer Tania Ganguli.
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What will Dan and Tania do with my responses and questions?

Dan, Tania and their team read every response and question.

They might reply to questions or present questions from the Full-Court Text group to individuals they’re interviewing before sharing the response in either a text or an article.

Will I be bombarded by text messages from the group?

No. While Dan and Tania’s messages are sent to everyone in the group, every response from individual group members will only go back to Dan, Tania and their team.

Does this service cost anything?

The SMS service will be free during the trial period. Standard SMS rates through your mobile carrier also will apply.

What if I don’t like it?

Text us your feedback so we can improve. You can opt out anytime by texting STOP.

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