Letters: Give LeBron James a break, and Lakers will start winning

The challenge for LeBron James.
(Jim Thompson / For The Times)

Based on his selection of All-Star MVP Kevin Durant with the first pick for the All-Star game, perhaps LeBron James should be the Lakers’ general manager.

Ken Feldman




LeBron, I don’t know what to do with you. You talk a good game and then undermine your teams with backdoor whining. You are an incredible athlete on the floor and then you orchestrate the firing of coaches, letting others do the work for you off the court. You mentor young players and then you childishly sit at the end of bench like a toddler on a self-imposed timeout when you are unhappy with those same players.

I want to dislike you and your whiny ways, you have obviously never committed a foul in your career, and then you go and stand up for those that don’t have a voice and open a school for underprivileged kids with your own money.

I guess you’re just like the rest of us mortals, a bundle of contradictions.

Martin Wauson




The Anthony Davis debacle might be on hold for now, but I believe that in the big picture the NBA is headed for a fall of dramatic proportions.

As the elite powerhouse teams get stronger, the majority of the other teams are getting weaker and the overall balance in the league will soon be beyond repair.

There will be about 8-10 very good teams and about 20 very mediocre or terrible teams. The stars are migrating to create these super teams and most of the nation’s fans will be left with basketball that’s not that fun to watch or follow anymore.

Anthony Davis isn’t the first star to demand to be traded in the middle of a season, under contract. Shame on him and others who think they are above the league, and shame on the NBA for allowing this type of fallout to keep happening.

Steve LaRochelle

Simi Valley



If Luke Walton is eventually fired, he can always caddie for Matt Kuchar.

Gary H. Miller



Wait! James Harden and Chris Paul are complaining about NBA officiating after losing to the Lakers on Thursday? What’s next? Los Angelenos complaining about the winter weather?

Frank Shapiro

Chatsworth Lake Manor


Manny money

San Diego is Los Angeles’ proverbial poor sister. Culturally and sports disrespected; too often living vicariously or by geographical proxy. With Manny Machado’s signing, San Diego is Cinderella if only for a day.

Konrad Moore

San Diego


The Padres are going to pay Manny Machado $300 million?

Sounds like he can hustle after all.

Ron Reeve



What if Angels general manager Billy Eppler signed Bryce Harper to play right field, next to Mike Trout? The Halos would:

1) be thinking outside the box

2) be the talk of baseball. 

Could you imagine an outfield of Trout, Harper and Upton? I can dream a little, can’t I?  Besides, when was the last time the Angels were the talk of baseball?

Chris Sorce

Fountain Valley


When Arte Moreno says, “we could some things to enhance our brand,” does he mean, like, win some baseball games ?

Jonathan Starr

Los Angeles


Baseball season must be just around the corner as the first story about Julio Urias appeared in the paper today. When is this guy going to become more than a “can’t-miss” prospect whose workload is being “carefully regulated” so as not to overwork him? 

How’s that worked out so far, Dodgers brass? Wasn’t his workload controlled in 2015 when his shoulder gave out? The hype is starting to feel old… 

Ken Blake



Don Newcombe. The Boys of Summer. Baseball Americana. Playing catch with dad in the yard. Don, you were the pitcher for Brooklyn when I attended my first MLB game in July 1956. The Dodgers played the Cubs in Wrigley Field in Chicago. I still have the scorecard with the teams’ rosters. Thanks for the memories and for your contributions to society.

Al Delay


On a roll

When listening to Nick Faldo describe a putt by Justin Thomas he said, “Try practice putting in your bath tub” to describe the quickness.

Hey, Nick, I tried it and made every putt!

John Broecker


High notes

About 10 years ago, Jay Cohen was serenading fans at Santa Anita with a variety of requested tunes. Just as a friendly challenge, I asked if he would play a few measures of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto. Not missing a beat, he said, “Which movement?” What followed was the introduction to the second movement played as beautifully as imaginable this side of Wynton Marsalis.

Speaking of beautiful, when Bill Plaschke puts down his provocative pen, he is capable of writing beautiful human interest pieces. Jay Cohen donates his tips to a disabled jockeys fund; let’s hope he recovers from the disabling Bell’s palsy episode to his full powers as a musician.

Dave Sanderson

La Cañada

What’s Bruin

Ben Bolch proclaims David Singleton and Jules Bernard as “UCLA’s backcourt of the future.” While I’m sure this is news to whomever is the new hire, not to mention to Tyger Campbell, I wouldn’t want Mr. Bolch in charge of predicting my future.

Jon Udell

Santa Monica 


It should be no surprise that the UCLA women’s gymnastics team is outdrawing the men’s basketball team this year in home attendance at Pauley Pavilion. Miss Val’s team is far more entertaining and fun to watch, much better coached, and they know how to win.

Tom Walsh

Los Angeles 

Fight on, orphans

With typical hubris and obfuscation, USC athletic director Lynn Swann addressed a room full of boosters, but rather than answering their probing questions about the rapidly declining state of his football program and its beleaguered head coach, he belted out a rendition of “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” from the Broadway musical Annie.

It was an appropriate Swann song on a hard-knock night.

Steve Ross

Beverly Hills

If the shoe fits ...

Nike’s new slogan: Just Glue It

PJ Gendell

Beverly Hills


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