Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald modestly resists the label “style icon,” but her quirky looks in some of the quintessential films of the ’80s spurred trends aplenty. Girls ransacked thrift stores for fedoras and gleefully took shears to their mother’s prom dresses. Ringwald spills on the good, the bad and the ugly: SIXTEEN CANDLES, 1984 I picked out all those clothes. The hat and the layered tops and the dresses. I went to stores on Melrose — can’t remember which ones — with the costume designer and just tried on outfits that I liked. Ska was really popular back then and so I was inspired by that Madness look, which I thought was really cute. I liked big bangles too. It’s funny because I just bought these big circle earrings in red and yellow from Claire’s Accessories. They are so ’80s. Also in Image • Molly Ringwald on Molly Ringwald — at the movies • Molly Ringwald: '80s style muse • Men's Spring/Summer '09 Collections • The look is Thai tribal • Cash or credit: moccasins
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