The Ultimate Turntable

The Caliburn, made by Continuum Audio Laboratories, costs a hefty six figures. PLATTER: The record sits on a large 80-pound “platter” designed to flatten the record and minimize vibration. CHASSIS: Cast from a special magnesium alloy, the chassis works with the platter to eliminate vibration in the tone arm and ensure that the cartridge receives a strong signal. THE TOP SHELF: The shelf on which the turntable legs rest is magnetically levitated to isolate it from vibration in the room. CONTROLS: The dials at far right control the turntable speeds: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm. The dial at top left engages the vacuum that holds the record in place on the platter. The other two dials are used to make fine adjustments in the turntable speed. VACUUM PUMP: Provides the pressure needed so the record adheres firmly to the platter. Once that pressure is reached, the vacuum shuts off so it doesn’t interfere with the music.—Michael Shaw
Photograph by Nigel Cox
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