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We are looking for previously unpublished work. We prefer stories that are rooted in the present, not the distant past. Each story needs to have an arc. Mere musings on the state of affairs won't do. We like stories to have a strong sense of place and to feel rooted in Southern California. Submissions should be 700 to 900 words. Stories must be true and written in the first person. Everything in each piece must be factually correct. No exaggeration, no fictional or composite characters, no hyperbole for the sake of dramatic effect.


We understand that these stories are personal, and we will edit them with the greatest sensitivity we can muster. But we will edit — for content, for length and for tone. We see writing and editing as a collaborative venture, but ultimately the editor's decisions will stand.

I don't know how much time she has left. But I know how we will spend it: Together

"Hi, how y'all doing?"

How science taught me that love is all about failure

A pair of neuroscience academics fall in love with Los Angeles and each other before complications arise.

I wonder who I'll be kissing when L.A.'s 6th Street Bridge reopens...

It was our third date. I'd been single for three years, two on purpose. "P" said he wanted to go for a walk. I love walking, even if "nobody walks in L.A."

Who needs Tinder? How a random meeting at an L.A. jazz club changed my life

I discovered a sweet surprise when I saw jazz artist Mark Murphy at the Jazz Bakery. My memory of the show will live on even though Mark Murphy has died.

I was sure I was flirt-texting with The One. Until he saw me on Instagram

A flirtation starts over text message at a Beverly Hills event. He could be The One. But is he that one, or someone else?

This is what happened when I let an 80-year-old play matchmaker for me

Looking back on midlife dating, a Los Angeles woman remembers the 80-year-old who played matchmaker.

Fate, in the form of a lost cat, followed me home

A wayward cat helps a woman recovering from a bad breakup find a new, healing connection.

How did we go from 'this works' to 'this is over'?

Everything clicked, even the dogs liked each other. Then the flu bug hit and it all seemed to evaporate.

I thought I was dating the Prince. But he was the Scoundrel

Waiting for the Prince leaves you open to dating the Scoundrel. What it's like to date a man who loves travel and cars but not you.

I'm from USC. He's from UCLA. Could trash talk lead to love?

A Trojan and a Bruin meet on Plenty of Fish. Trash talk, road trips and love follow.

I thought I'd found the perfect guy. Until he replaced me.

This guy ran all hot, but then, when he left town on business, he went cold. A relationship story from Los Angeles.

I know why he broke my heart. He had to. And I understand.

They met on Tinder and she slowly fell in love, but a job loss caused stress and eventually ended the relationship.

We spent a week together in Aspen -- in separate rooms. Then he took the hint.

L.A. Affairs: A deal is a deal, until it comes to matters of the heart

I was falling back in love with L.A. -- until my boyfriend broke it off via Skype

She grew up in L.A. but came to dislike it. He helped her see it anew. Could she feel at home again?

Why I regret telling my son to marry a rich girl

The value of true love can't be calculated, but there's no accounting for some people.

I've discovered the secret to online dating: Just chill out, preferably over In-N-Out

OK, dating online in Los Angeles is rough, but here's what happened when one woman decided to just chill out about it.

I was just there for basketball. Until I fell for one of my teammates.

Chance meetings on a basketball court and then in a bar lead to him playing outside his Zen zone.

I really couldn't have asked for a better first date

Her first date with a native Angeleno from Elysian Park leads to a discovery of a shared passion for Los Angeles.

Break up to make up became a losing game

L.A. Affairs: It started with where they wanted to live, then whether they could ever live together.

I was about to get my first kiss. Then my dad showed up. #MillennialProblems

Awkward moments in the first months of dating leave a Los Angeles couple with a few more laughs and stories that bond them.

Instagram 'likes' lead to love

When he showed up as a new Instagram follower, she recognized him from childhood. Finally, a date. And a new life.

He manipulated me and tried to exploit me. Here's how I got revenge

A hopeless romantic falls in love with a man she met on OKCupid, only he wasn't truthful.

He stopped consulting Zodiac signs and found a love written in the stars

All the signs pointed in the right direction, even if he wasn't looking for love

There was nothing funny about this comedian's approach to love

She dated a comic who said his persona required him to appear single and available. That was his brand. But it wasn't hers.

He was perfectly imperfect. And poisonous.

L.A. Affairs: It was love at first sight, but things never seemed to click

After chasing his tail, this suitor found the right date with the right dog

L.A. Affairs: After dating a few dog owners, he finds that people really are like their pets.

'Listen to your instincts.' It's a dating lesson she had to learn the hard way

L.A. Affairs: A woman learns to listen to the lack of butterflies when a guy's good looks hid an ugly side

Love can be found in L.A., if you're willing to ditch the wrong husband

L.A. Affairs: A musician learns love can be found in L.A., ditch the wrong husband, pursue your passion, call twice, listen to mom

A Tinder date with a whining out-of-towner left her cup half empty

L.A. Affairs: Some relationships are meant to be as long distance as possible.

What a twenty-something serial dater in L.A. has in common with Taylor Swift

L.A. Affairs: A young woman confronts the phobia of commitment that afflicts millennial men.

Sometimes, the best way to reboot a relationship is to take a break

L.A. Affairs: When sparks stop flying and two teenagers end physical contact, a platonic date can lead to a surprise.

How OkCupid helped him find his geek love

L.A. Affairs: A nerd's search for a mutant of his very own leads down some awkward paths

What began as Tinder moments turned to ashes after Burning Man

L.A. Affairs: Tinder attempts finally call up what seems like a perfect match. So what happened?

When a relationship is all wrong, but you still want to hear those three little words...

The 'agent to the stars' had a talent for smooth talk, loud clubs and confrontations, but when he demanded 10% for finding a lawyer after a hit-and-run, that was it.

How she plans to manifest Mr. Right -- and get off the dating merry-go-round for good

Preferring face-to-face meetings over Internet dating, a woman finds a variety of men but not the perfect mate.

A late start, bad taste and a false move can't keep this love affair from its happy ending

It didn't start well, they often left each other with a bad taste, there was a major false move ... and in the end love wins out

Her script didn't call for this uncomfortable situation

Aspiring writer agrees to meet a power player in her field. She didn't know how uncomfortable things could get. A relationship tale in L.A.

A love derailed by staying on track

A choice between New York and her. Did he make the right decision?

The fine, funny art of their absurd annulment arguments

Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' duck-duck-goose — anything can be fodder for a married couple's ridiculous allegations.

Humiliation on aisle 4 at Erewhon: Loathing it but owning it

UCLA student makes a brand new start of it in old L.A.

L.A. Affairs: A local's familiarity with L.A. bred contempt that she shared with a New Yorker. Then she saw the city through others' eyes.

A lasting love of L.A.: 'The year I spent dating in Los Angeles was unexpectedly lovely'

L.A. Affairs: She met her Army Reserve man in New York before returning to Los Angeles, where they would later have their best times.

Finding love in -- and out -- of a fishbowl

L.A. Affairs: They were enjoying a responsibility-free life together. Then their goldfish became ill.

Swiping right on Tinder is a big yes to possibilities, but it's also a yes to vulnerability

L.A. Affairs: A Tinder user says he always swipes right, saying yes to any possibility. It can save time but add to vulnerability.

Regrets linger like smoke after her sensible decision

L.A. Affairs: She is Muslim; he's Christian. She's from Iran; he's from Egypt. He has a child and ex-wife. Why was that the end?

After breakup, her crash course in returning to the JDate scene

L.A. Affairs: A breakup meant turning to JDate again. A night that began with a broken wine glass ends with an unforgettable first date.

Date at his beach house has everything but her heart

L.A. Affairs: Despite the beautiful sunset, the beach, the dinner, the flirtation, her heart's not in it.

A sun that rose in the west and set in the east

L.A. Affairs: After a couple's California idyll, the return to New York brought a breakup, liberty and confusion.

Cautious driver faces the prospect of a blind turn

L.A. Affairs: When a driver picks up a woman for her evening out, talk turns to dating and ... her sister.

L.A. Affairs: Third time's the charm for two artists online

L.A. Affairs: Two artists finally find each other, after finding each other several times before.

His conversation skills are up for discussion

For the longest time he had a checklist of questions of jump-start conversation on dates. Then he realized that was all wrong.

Potential employers said no, but she said 'Hey!!!!'

She contacted him through Date My School. Their adventure took them to a Rihanna-Eminem show, and taught him a happy lesson.

Action on the set hits freeze-frame after late-night booty calls

L.A. Affairs: Flirting on a Simi Valley film set didn't go according to her script for gentlemen.

Romantic beach picnic goes from Tom Hanks, to Paul Rudd to Chevy Chase

L.A. Affairs: Visions of a movie-perfect beach picnic turn into fright night when a drunken intruder lands on their blanket for two.

Dates, music, Pinot are nice, but she belongs to the city

L.A. Affairs: The men, the music, the pizza were all exciting, but what she really fell in love with was Los Angeles itself.

40something reluctantly joins Plenty of Fish dating site, enters 'Big Bang' territory

L.A. Affairs: Divorced mom gives Plenty of Fish site a try and ends up embracing her confident self.

It was loathe at first sight

Once upon a time, there were two book lovers online

L.A. Affairs: Bookmarked online, two literary lovers find a new chapter unfolding

They click in the Twittersphere; what if they meet?

A tech journalist discovers an interesting woman is following his tweets. Can they transfer the feeling to the real world?

L.A. Affairs: Zion tour leaders clash, then find a common path

L.A. Affairs: She clashed with another tour leader at Zion National Park. Years later, they met again and found some common ground.

Finding a way to direct her own happy ending

L.A. Affairs: After realizing she had an addiction to angry people, an actress learns to direct her own life.

Following in the footsteps of This Guy

L.A. Affairs: It's not easy to find love when you never seem to be No. 1

A couple's cross-town relationship impasse ends in a snap

In the Tinder era, love is a game of 'Thrones'

When meet cute is more like meet awkward

With little dating experience, a woman tries and tries again on the Los Angeles singles scene. Will date No. 3 be the one?

For 40 days and 40 nights, it rained men

L.A. Affairs

Would-be romance pulled apart by Manhattan life and his L.A. girl

On the color-coded Boyfriend Log, too much blue means beware

L.A. Affairs: A self-help author, realizing she needs relationship help, creates a color-coded Boyfriend Log

They exchanged electricity — and shared a love of words

Dating in L.A. A lineman working on a 405 Freeway project finds himself attracted to a female colleague; they share a love of language.

'No matter what' leads to what matters most

Los Angeles sets the scene for some great kissing

Trying to master the L.A. ratio of an actual connection

L.A. Affairs: A transplanted Chicagoan tries to unlock the glittering formula to actually find a girlfriend in Los Angeles.

Looking for the One in a digital world

He'd been out of the game and had a lot to learn. Online dating, for instance. It led to coffee and decent talk, but not the One.

Battle of L.A. vs. NYC ends in a love match

Her story about a military charity project led to a friendly pen-pal debate with an Army captain about her New York versus his Los Angeles. It ended in a tie-the-knot.

Trivia night ends with the right answer: Irene

No fear on that freeway of love

L.A. Affairs: Despite her freeway phobia, a Glendale writer overcomes her fear of love with a San Diego beau.

A dreamy dude on a dude ranch

L.A. Affairs: The horses aren't the most majestic creatures on a single woman's trip to a dude ranch with her sister.

A quick study in heartfelt international relations

L.A. Affairs: He was a tour guide in L.A., she was an English-speaking Romanian. The bridging of distance and difference began.

Happy to be the step-boyfriend

L.A. Affairs: A divorced father begins dating a mother of four and is surprised by what gets their relationship through tough spots.

Waking from daydreams of blogger guy

Their online relationship started over her blog. They talked every day. His profile photo was handsome. And then ...

The surprising places improv comedy's 'Yes, and...' can lead

Her improv comedy class became a romantic comedy, complete with husband, kids, friends and a house in the Valley.

Searching for Mr. Darcy

A damsel in dating distress takes a novel approach to finding romance.

A love that gives her paws

A cat lover who's looking for romance goes online and finds (gasp!) a dog lover.

The greatest game he ever played

L.A. Affairs: When a sports fan meets his soul-mate sports fan in college, the result is a win-win.

After years of no luck, holding on for dear love

L.A. Affairs: Finding the right woman in Los Angeles is challenging for a single man older than 40.

Their chemistry sparked again almost 25 years later

L.A. Affairs: After separating from her husband, she posted her profile on, which led to a reunion with a classmate.

The man who toyed with his affections

L.A. Affairs: After meeting online, her date disclosed his 'unique' hobby: collecting all manner of toys and hero memorabilia, and organizing it all meticulously in his garage.

Facing breast cancer with love and hope

L.A. Affairs: A breast cancer diagnosis led to a marriage, bonding during painful cancer treatment and a hummingbird connection.

Fraught relationships point the way to the real thing

L.A. Affairs: One divorce, years of bad dates and a silly career change were just the warm-up to the happy family life to come.

Their love became a textbook movie romance

L.A. Affairs: A film school graduate's science-minded fiancée was not a movie buff — until a dinner with his old USC professor Drew Casper.

A boundless love contained in a single ZIP Code

L.A. Affairs: One Los Angeles ZIP Code ends up containing everything she needs to find love and build a life.

After a divorce, writer misses his dog

L.A. Affairs: Getting past a messy divorce was one thing. Getting used to life without his beloved Labrador, Becky, was quite another.

Love across the International Date Line

L.A. Affairs: A crush on an Australian visitor grows into something more. After he goes back, they stay in touch no matter what day(s) it is.

The most delicious love of all

The way to her heart? Great cuisine. Know your chefs? Know how to cook? Yes to both? Free this weekend?

In a downtown high-rise, a romance that couldn't be copied

L.A. Affairs: She worked on the ninth floor, he worked on the fourth floor of a downtown building. A broken copy machine started his paper chase.

In life, as in dancing, timing is everything

L.A. Affairs: After years working alongside someone, it's remarkable how a night on the town can change your outlook.

Her new life, lifted from lyrics

L.A. Affairs: Just like the song says, this Northern California transplant loves L.A.

No longer locking away his Barbie collection

L.A. Affairs: Doll collector dumps his fears and comes out of Barbie's glittery pink closet