2018 Geography Challenge: Test your world knowledge


Tourists look at the Torres del Paine mounts, part of the Paine small mountain group in the sprawling Torres del Paine National Park, a hiker’s paradise.

(Martin Bernetti / AFP/Getty Images)

We present the Chicago Tribune’s Geography Challenge, timed to coincide with the National Geographic Society’s Geography Awareness Week, Nov. 11-17. Many of the questions are provided by the National Geographic GeoBee, the annual academic competition for grades 4-8. More National Geographic GeoBee questions, games, and study resources are available — Compiled by Phil Marty, Chicago Tribune

World Trivia

Multiple Choice

True or False

Southeast Asia Map Matching

Midwest Museums

Midwest Trivia

Midwest Team Spirit

Match the letter on the state to the college team name. The letters mark the location of each college.

1. Broncos 2. Billikens 3. Mavericks 4. Peacocks 5. Golden Eagles 6. Salukis 7. Musketeers 8. Sycamores

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