Leaping lizards! Iguana photobombs woman on vacation


“Leaping lizards!”

That’s how a woman summed up her chance encounter with a green iguana that photobombed her while vacationing in Puerto Rico.

Tammy Ricks recently posted the once-in-a-lifetime shot on Instagram of an immature reptile leaping across her path as she posed at El Morro, the 16th century fort in San Juan.

The photograph went viral after appearing on imgur, inspiring a “Game of Thrones” meme, and on Reddit r/PuertoRico, getting more than 1,000 comments.


The leaping lizard spawned a “Game of Thrones” meme on Imgur.
(Anfaston / Imgur)

A friend captured the memorable moment when the snap-happy iguana climbed up the citadel’s ancient stone walls and went flying through the air before taking off. (The iguana was later seen sipping a pina colada at the nearby Caribe Hilton.)

“I was shocked because I had no idea that iguanas could jump like that,” Ricks told Lonely Planet, a travel website.


Here in South Florida, residents can relate since we are overrun with iguanas, which surely fascinate and entertain visitors.

Recently, a 7-foot, 150-pound monitor lizard has been terrorizing a home Davie, but so far, it hasn’t tried to get in any family snapshots.

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