Looking to give a kid a lift? Check our guide to the best way to bike, family style

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Bicycles are the eco-friendly, body-friendly solution for carting yourself around town — the best bikes even combine style with function. And if you’ve got more to carry than just yourself (say, a kid or two) there are tons of choices for transporting small family members around on your bike, too. Look through our guide to see which option makes the most sense for your family.


This bike is hand-made in the United States — it starts out as a tube in Oregon. It has an adjustable frame, so it’s ideal for a family to share even if riders are different sizes, said John Rezell, special projects manager. The small wheels give it a low center of gravity — and they’re easy for kids to step over — so smaller and lighter riders can handle loads on the back more easily.

Best for: Urban families with older children who use this in lieu of a car.


Number of kids: Can fit up to three depending on the size of the children. It adjusts to riders who are 4 feet to 6 foot 4.

Price: Starts at $1,199

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Burley D’Lite Child Bike Trailer


Attach this trailer onto any bicycle, pop your child inside, and you’re all ready to ride. It can also double as a stroller. It has reclining seats, tinted UV protected windows and a retractable sunshade.

Best for: Suburban families who want to cycle to school and around town. Children should be older than the age of one if used as a bike trailer (the child needs to be able to hold his head properly). For strolling or jogging, the child should be able to sit upright unattended, so they can typically use this at 6 months .

Number of kids: Two

Price: $629

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Xtracycle Edge Runner

This sturdy option can carry up to three children at a time — and can start carrying the child as soon as she can hold her head up while wearing a helmet (babies would need to use a Yepp kids seat). It has a small 20-inch rear wheel which lowers the center of gravity for greater stability, improves acceleration from a stop and makes it easier to load children or cargo, said Evan Lovett-Harris, marketing director.

Best for: Urban or suburban families who want to use this in lieu of a car.


Number of kids: It holds a rider plus 250 pounds of cargo — so it will up to three kids.

Price: Starts at $1,699

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Folder 1 Trail-a-Bike

Attach this to your bike and you’re ready to go for a ride. You can take children ages 4-6 along with you, and they can even help with the pedaling.

Best for: Urban or suburban families with one older child who is learning to ride a bike.

Number of kids: One per bike.

Price: $199


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This is a long tail cargo bike meant for carrying large loads that would normally require a car. In addition to parents, many of Yuba’s customers are small businesses that deliver food and packages — such as pizza delivery services. Since this can accommodate everyone from babies to older children — and up to three kids — it’s great for growing families who want to ditch their car. It has add-ons that allow you to store cargo like a trunk, so it’s really for those who want to use this instead of a car.

Best for: Bigger families, or those who want a bike to handle big loads usually reserved for a car.

Number of kids: Three on the rear rack if you’re using the Monkey Bars accessory — and up to 500 pounds. It can hold babies if they’re using child seats (two child seats can fit on the rear rack).

Price: $1,299

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