Braven BRV-Bank backup battery charges through foul weather

The Braven BRV-Bank backup battery charges your gear and might scare bears.
Tribune Newspapers

Name: Braven BRV-Bank

What it is: a Bluetooth 6000 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery protected by a shockproof water-resistant rubber case that makes it impervious to weather. It has a flap that closes over its micro-USB input and two 5-volt charging ports (1 amp and 2.4 amps for rapid charging). LED lights show remaining power, but Braven’s free iOS and Android power-monitoring app offer a more precise reading. The app also allows users to turn the battery on or off or send out a bear alarm or visual SOS alert in emergencies. And if that weren’t cause enough to take it camping, a USB 100-lumen bulb is supplied to transform the battery into a flashlight. A lanyard and weatherized micro-USB charging cable are included.

The good: This backup battery can be an adventurer’s best friend, because you can recharge your devices inside or out. It has been a trusty backup on several trips, including the wet, rugged wilderness of Quebec last August, a frigid Dark Sky festival and skiing in Alberta, and January weather in Belgium.

The bad: It would be a stand-alone backup if it came with retractable lightning and micro-USB cable.


Cost: $99.99

Available from:, and

Terry Gardner is a freelance reporter.