Scanning service helps rescue old photos before they fade away

ScanMyPhotos puts digital copies of your old photos on a DVD.
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Name: ScanMyPhotos Prepaid Photo Scanning

What it is: A service that scans photos ranging from 3½ by 5 to 8 by 10 inches for storage on a DVD. One prepaid shipping box holds about 1,800 prints. Although most people need more than one box, I tested the service with a single box because I only took the time to dig through two photo albums and one shoebox. I chose a 300 dpi scan and one DVD, on which the scans were loaded. Additional services include a photo index book ($175 per box), which I also chose, and scanning of negatives and slides and restoration of photos.

The good: When it comes to rescuing photos before they fade any further, ScanMyPhotos is a white knight. The last time I looked at my old photos, I noticed that color Polaroids shot between the 1960s and the 1980s had faded more than old black and whites, but I didn’t do anything about preserving them until I heard about ScanMyPhotos. What makes the service so helpful is that it does most of the work, from sending a prepaid U.S. postal box to scanning the images. All I had to do was gather and box up my photos. Once I received the DVD, I uploaded my images to Google Photos to share and backup my family treasures. And I love the photo index book because it helps me find specific photos quickly.

The bad: The service doesn’t come to your home and gather photos for you. That’s one thing you must do for yourself.


Cost: $145 per box (Photo-scanning orders of $300 or more received by the end of the day Jan. 15 get 50 percent off.)

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Terry Gardner is a freelance reporter.