The Plane app is a way for travelers to make social connections

It’s hard to break the ice when you arrive in a new city, so here’s an app to help you get the conversation started. Find a great bar, restaurant, your next destination or even a friend before, during or after your trip.

Name: Plane: The Social Icebreaker

What it does: Gets people talking about travel (and life), whether they’re daydreaming at their desk about travel or are already on the road.

Available: In the App Store, requires iOS 8.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Cost: Free

What’s hot: Go to the “Feed” page to see what people are chatting about. Click on “Signal” in the bottom navigation bar to post a question or comment. The app will alert you when there is a response. You’ll see a number in a red circle by the “Convos” button — for conversations. You can swap “Social Cards” with people to see their profile information on request (and acceptance). It’s cool that people chime in from all over the world and want to talk. I saw people in London, Phoenix, Tel Aviv, Moscow and a variety of U.S. towns. I like that you can meet people and chat without the pressure of a dating app. You can also read and reply to people without asking your own questions. You can demo the app at if you want to try it before you download it.

What’s not: Don’t be surprised if you see chitter chatter that has nothing to do with travel. Some people just want to talk about their day. Simply scroll down and move on to something that you’re interested in.

— Jen Leo


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