Waikiki Beachcomber dresses itself in the original art of the islands

Acclaimed extreme surf photographer Zac Noyle uses waterproof cameras to capture his stunning images.
(Ben Thouard )

Inspired by the natural beauty of Hawaii, the Waikiki Beachcomber is unveiling a collection of original art.

From the floors beside the elevators to the walls behind the beds, the commissioned works feature underwater photography, prints and music.

Here’s a partial list of the 12 artists whose creations are part of “The Beachcomber Originals”:

  • Erin Ibarra, known as Hawaii’s “chalkboard queen,” is a self-taught muralist. Her “Floors of Flora” can be found beside the elevators on each floor of the hotel.
  • Vince Lim, well-known for his drone photography of Honolulu, created an aerial image of Waikiki Beach that appears in each guest room.
Photographer Vince Lim, who is known for creating images using drones, took this aerial shot of Waikiki Beach. The photo hangs in each guest room at the hotel.
(Vince Lim)

  • Makana, a popular slack key guitarist in Hawaii, wrote and performs “The New Sound of Waikiki,” music that is heard in the public spaces.
  • Zak Noyle, one of the world’s best-known surf and underwater photographers, shot the dramatic wave scene that appears on the wall behind each guest bed. His underwater imagery, stretching 75 feet, covers a ground-floor tunnel leading to the elevators. Noyle will also host photography seminars.
  • Margo Ray created the colorful painting that covers an entire wall inside the hotel’s Maui Brewing Co. location. The 64-foot painting features the late “Auntie” Beverly Noa, one of the state’s best-loved hula dancers.
  • Printmaker Abigail Romanchak strives to create a sense of Hawaiian identity and culture in her works that appear in each guest room.

“The Beachcomber Originals” is part of a $35-million makeover of the hotel.