Where to meet sriracha chili sauce makers in Thailand

Visit Thai food markets (shown here) on Zicasso’s culinary tour that accents authentic hot sauce and other specialties.

Explore the origins of sriracha (Gold Medal brand), which began as homemade chili sauce in the seaport town of Si Racha, Thailand, on a custom tour organized by Zicasso.

Participants can travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to Ho Chi Minh City, discovering along the way other Thai and Vietnamese culinary specialties.

Highlights include meeting with the family of the creator of sriracha and learning how to make your own hot sauce, exploring Northern and Southern Thai food, and visiting local microbreweries in Bangkok and Hanoi.

Dates: Custom departures


Price: From $3,675 per person, double occupancy, for eight days in Thailand, including flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Vietnam portion is an additional $2,720 per person, double occupancy, for eight days, including two in-country flights.

Accommodations, meals, tours and activities are included. International airfare not included.

Info: Zicasso