Cheap flight: From LAX, $920 round trip to Santiago, Chile, on Avianca

Tourists walk next to their rental bicycles in La Vega market area in Santiago, Chile. Many streets in the capital are closed to vehicular traffic on Sundays.
(Tamara Merino )

Avianca has a sale on fares to Santiago, Chile, but you must buy your ticket by June 25.

As you’re mulling whether you are going to make the trip, which is about 5,500 air miles from Los Angeles, consider these tidbits:

►Chile is a long, skinny country, about 2,700 miles long and about 10 miles wide at one point.

►The Chilean Andes extend almost the length of the country.

►Its climates are varied. The Atacama desert is found in the north; at its southern end, it can be cold, windy and generally unpleasant, especially in winter, which is the opposite of North America’s.

►Pedro Valdivia, a Spanish conquistador, founded the city in 1541.


►Santiago is the capital, but the congress meets in Valparaíso, about 85 miles northwest.

►On Sundays, many streets in Santiago are closed to vehicular traffic and bicycles are king.

►The Santiago area is home to about 7 million people.

Here’s what you need to know about the fare sale:

Fare: From LAX, round trip to Santiago, Chile, for $920 on Avianca

Restrictions: Subject to availability. Ticket must by purchased by June 25. For outbound travel Aug. 14-Nov. 21. Minimum stay of three days or a Sunday night stay.

Info: Avianca, (800) 284-2622

Source: Airfarewatchdog