Save as much as $500 with Explorer Pass’ tours in Europe, Asia and North America

Explorer Pass Europe offers activities such as a morning run around the Austrian city of Vienna.
(Urban Adventures)

There are travel passes for cities that combine tickets for museums and activities at one cost-saving price. The new Explorer Pass raises the bar by offering unlimited experiences and activities in multiple cities that’s good for 30 days.

The deal: Explorer Passes aren’t cheap, but they are comprehensive. Urban Adventures, Intrepid Travel’s day tours company, designed them for travelers who want authentic experiences led by locals and a flexible itinerary they can create on their own.

For example, the Europe Multi-City Pass covers 250 tours across Europe, such as going on a morning run in Vienna, sampling tapas in the Czech Republic or cycling in Amsterdam. It also includes some activities in the Middle East and Africa. Cost is $960.

A visit to a Bonsai Garden in Hanoi, Vietnam, comes with the Asia Explorer Pass.
(Urban Adventures)

An Asia pass, which puts you on a cruise of Halong Bay in Hanoi and a tuk tuk experience in Bangkok; and a North America pass, which includes the U.S., Canada, Mexico and selected Caribbean destinations, cost $800 each. These passes feature more than 120 tours.

When: The pass is available indefinitely. You set the start date when you reserve a pass.

Details: With the Explorer Pass, you cannot do the same tour more than once. It really favors travelers on long trips who like a full calendar. The average use has been 16 tours per pass, roughly a $500 savings, according to the company.

Info: Urban Adventures,



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