Get a room -- made easy with new Google glass hotel booking app

The app developed by Destinia for Google glass (showing display at right) allows users to find and book a hotel.

Could this be the hotel booking app of the future?

With Hotel Near Me, travelers who swipe the side of Google glasses can see a bunch of nearby hotel choices. They can scroll through the list, filter by price, check out photos and make a reservation -- all in the blink of an eye (OK, maybe more than one blink).

The app announced Friday claims to be the world’s first for Google glass, though it’s still in the testing phase awaiting final approval from Google.

Hotel Near Me was developed by international online travel agency Destinia and Glob3Mobile. The idea is to give travelers an easy way to book a room no matter where they are. And the app will guide them right to their hotel door.


Users will be able to access 230,000 hotels, from budget to luxury, on the Destinia website (not to be confused with a downloadable game of the same name).

In the announcement, the companies said they plan to beef up the app with more bells and whistles. “For example, users will be able to refine their searches with additional voice commands,” Manuel de la Calle, co-founder of Glob3 Mobile, said in the announcement. And Destinia users will be able to see their past and current reservations.

The online travel site has offices in Spain, Egypt and Dubai, and accepts Bitcoin as a payment option.