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Hasta la vista, Field’s

When Federated Department Stores Inc. announced Tuesday that it would change the name of Marshall Field’s stores to Macy’s, more than 1,500 people e-mailed the message board. Here are some of their comments:

It’s hard to fathom why Federated would throw away a name with such Chicago recognition for one with none, except for a parade.


Yet a further example of the great homogenization of our culture. Making everyplace look like everyplace else. I hope Macy’s takes it on the chin for this one.


I plan to shop at Macy’s as much as I shopped at Field’s.


I actually work for Federated and it’s a great place to work, so please treat it with respect.


With bone-headed decisions like this, is it any wonder that Wal-Mart is killing them all off?


Marshall Field said: “Give the lady what she wants.” This lady wants Field’s, not Macy’s


I’ve been to Macy’s in New York. I like it. I look forward to them coming here.


If you don’t like the name change, then don’t go there. It’s that simple. Macy’s is here to stay, so get used to it.


I hate to see another bit of Chicago’s history taken away. Advice to Macy’s ... don’t expect Field’s shopper loyalty.


Another example of how people in New York are convinced the world ends at the Hudson River. Marshall Field’s has always meant class and quality. Macy’s is just a parade.

--Ray Lalowski

Wow--I had no idea Macy’s was that clueless.

--Larry J.

I can see it now, in a couple of years: 111 N. State St., available for leasing.


I’ll shop at Macy’s as much as I would at Field’s. What’s the big fuss?


Mayor [Richard] Daley, help with this outrage! Wield your power and don’t let this happen in your city and mine.


Daley, please do something. What a horrible day for Chicago.

--James R.

Daley should bulldoze the building so they can’t change the name.


The least our mayor can do is issue a day of mourning for the loss of our great icon. To some it is not a big deal, but the rest of us shall shed a tear the day that venerated name crashes to the sidewalk--a piece of our Chicagoan identity chipped away, uniformity as its replacement.


Why not keep the name? Chicagoans and many others are loyal to Field’s. It’s a part of Chicago history. Go ahead and change the marketing strategy. But keep the name.


I will not ever shop at the store that did not believe in Santa Claus! (“Miracle on 34th Street”)


Over the years Field’s customer service and general quality has become worse and worse, to the point that I canceled my Field’s card and no longer shop there. I’m so excited for Macy’s to come to Chicago. Every time I go to them in Arizona they’re fabulous.


This is a slap in the face of Chicago. Are we so generic that we would accept a generic replacement for an institution like Marshall Field’s? Another example of corporate America letting money drive their decisions for change.


Macy’s is better than Marshall Field’s and has much better name recognition. Get over it people.


What’s next? The Macy’s Museum of Natural History?


This is insanity! I lived in Chicago for years and Field’s is a legend. An icon. We have Macy’s here but, to paraphrase a great line, I know Marshall Field’s and Macy’s is no Marshall Field’s. Tradition, trust and strong identity are what get and keep customers. Federated has it all wrong!

--Michele of California

Why not call it the Titanic? Doomed before its launched.

--Karen T.

Nothing stays the same forever.


Quick. What was the name of the United Center before the name change? See how short memories are?

--The Duke of Oklahoma

I’m a native New Yorker who moved to the Chicagoland area three years ago. Having Macy’s here makes me feel like I am home. (smile) Brooklyn in da house!


We are not New Yorkers and do not want to be. Tradition means everything in Chicago.


You can’t stop change. Let the history of Chicago be the history of Chicago.


I’ll never shop at Macy’s. Even if it used to be Marshall Field’s.


The next thing you know, they’ll be renaming Comiskey Park to U.S. Cellular Field. Oh, wait a minute ...


Well, it’s obviously a great day for Nordstrom and Bloomies. Their management teams must be giddy.


Field’s is a Chicago institution. It will take 10 years to recover from this name change.

--Ed S.

Lost me as a customer!


Why do they have to change the name? Why can’t it be Marshall Field’s, a Macy’s Department Store. Pretty soon this city won’t have any history left. It is all being sold to the highest bidder.


This has got to be a ploy: Announce the name change, listen to the outrage, and then announce that the Field’s name will remain, thereby demonstrating they listen to Chicago. There is no way they are that stupid.


Perhaps they don’t realize [that] in Chicago we still refer to the Standard Oil Building.


Goodbye Field’s! We will miss you.

--Sad shopper


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