Israeli soldier lured to West Bank and killed, officials say

Israeli troops carry the body of a fellow soldier killed in the West Bank to a waiting helicopter.
(Jack Guez / AFP/Getty Images)

JERUSALEM – An Israeli soldier was lured to the West Bank and killed by a Palestinian former co-worker, Israeli officials said Saturday.

The soldier, Tomer Hazan, 20 was reported missing by his family in Bat Yam on Friday.


Israeli officials said Hazan previously worked at a Bat Yam restaurant with Nadal Amar, 42, who on Friday lured the soldier to the village of Siniria.

Once there, Amar murdered the soldier and hid his body in a water well, officials said.

Upon arrest, Amar, a resident of Beit Amin near Qalqilyah, said that he planned to use Hazan’s body as a bargaining chip to win the release of Amar’s brother, Nur Al Din Amar, an operative with the militant group Tanzim who was imprisoned in 2003 for terrorist activities, according to Israeli officials.

Israeli military leaders have long warned its soldiers to be wary of kidnapping and murder plots by Palestinian militant groups who have declared their intention to capture soldiers and use them as leverage to win the release of Palestinian prisoners.



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