b>You know him from: "South Park" Pirate type: Foul-mouthed kid with delusions of grandeur Talk like this pirate if: You want to remind people that piracy is actually pretty messed up; you enjoy swearing a lot. Key quotes: "Pirating is back my friends! Swashbuckling adventures on the high seas! The stuff we've all dreamed about! And it's all happening right here: Somalia!" "Avast there mateys! Do ya have a thirst for adventure on the high seas of life? ....You can live the pirate life in Somalia, me friends. Even Kyle said so!" "Dude, I'm a pirate! What the devil do I care what me mudder thinks anymore?" "We drink and we pillage and we do what we please. We get all that we want for free! We'll kid your ass and rape your lass, Somalian pirates we. So with a yo ho ho! And with a yee hee hee! We take to the African sea! We'll brave the squalls and bust your balls, Somalian pirates we."
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