Dec. 9, 2022


Public Health

California is simultaneously contending with a spike in coronavirus transmission, an early onslaught of RSV and a strong start to the flu season.

Parents’ difficulty in finding over-the-counter cold medication has been due to a surge on the demand side, not any problems on the supply side, the Consumer Healthcare Products Assn. said.

Legal Weed, Broken Promises

In Trinity County, boom-and-bust cycles are part of history. Legal weed promised to be an economic boost — but that expectation quickly collapsed.


If you’re searching for the essential food of L.A., let our critic’s 2022 restaurant list be your guide. Find the best vegetarian, Italian, Mexican and more.


Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona says she has registered as an independent in order to distance herself from ‘the broken partisan system in Washington.’

Royal Ruckus

The long-awaited series is creating more furor over Montecito’s most famous couple and their equally famous relatives in the supposedly United Kingdom.


You think you know important questions? You don’t know important questions. These questions right here? They are important. They are very important. So important that you need to stop whatever you are doing and listen to the answers.

Very Important Questions is our series asking Hollywood’s biggest stars ... very important questions.



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