Banging on Pots and Vans


Get ready for high-energy music made with pots, pans, power tools — everything including the kitchen sink. This summer, “America’s Got Talent” finalists Recycled Percussion bring their unique “junk rock” to the Quad on the Las Vegas Strip (Saturdays through Thursdays at 7 p.m.).

The four-man team, composed of Justin Spencer, Ryan Vezina, Matt Bowman and Jason Davies, delivers a wild all-ages show featuring percussion instruments made up of stuff you’re more likely to find at a junkyard than in a band room, including power tools, car parts, vacuums and jumbo aluminum ladders.

Combining heavy metal, punk, pop and hip-hop, Recycled Percussion offers an exciting interactive music experience unlike anything else on the Strip. Their extraordinary athleticism – they play drums upside down and even split a van in half – defies cartoon physics. Audience members get their own drumsticks so they can jam along.

Recycled Percussion
The Q Theater at the Quad Resort and Casino
3535 Las Vegas Blvd. South
(702) 777-2782


— Rianne Hill Soriano, Brand Publishing Writer