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2022 GMC HUMMER EV Edition 1 - Sneak Peek

The HUMMER returns as a world-beating EV, and GM proves they're not messing around.

GM has resurrected the HUMMER nameplate as a new GMC model, but it is a far cry from the gas-powered H2s and H3s scattered around the parking lot at your local shopping mall. GMC intends the 2022 HUMMER EV to be its halo truck; as such, the new HUMMER is packed with tons of technology and bombastic stats. GMC is dubbing it the "world’s first supertruck," and we're inclined to agree. It will have some competition in the near future with Tesla’s Cybertruck and Rivian’s R1T, as well as the upcoming all-electric Ford F-150 and the recently-announced Ram EV truck. Below are some of the best features of the new HUMMER EV that will help it stand out, and we’ll also tell you how much it’ll set you back to park one in your garage in the future.

Looks and Capability

Make no mistake, the HUMMER EV looks like a HUMMER. Between the slotted grille and its even wider stance, the HUMMER EV wears its iconic style proudly and fits right in with the earlier models that carried the HUMMER name. As expected with an EV, however, the lack of an internal combustion engine allowed the designers to take some creative liberties with certain aspects of the appearance. The grille recalls earlier H1 and H2 models, but eagle-eyed observers will note that the new grille presents six distinct sections with individual lettering as opposed to seven open slots. A certain manufacturer of another American off-road icon vigorously defends its seven-slot-grille trade dress, so GMC's designers opted to place the "HUMMER" lettering in a way that implies the presence of grille slots instead. The grille integrates with the headlights to create the appearance of a single light bar that continues from one side to the other. The right-most grille block that carries the "R" letter also features "EV" written in subscript, and a subtle GMC logo resides directly underneath in the lower grille area.

The headlights themselves also carry a few surprises. Naturally, they're full LED, and the default low beams illuminate with a wide "H" signature that recalls the HUMMER branding. What's not so obvious in pictures is that the headlights consist of individual sections; when the vehicle is plugged in and charging, these sections light up sequentially to display the state of charge. Other "easter eggs" include taillights with multiple "H" signatures, and an imprint of an American flag molded into the C-pillar trim. We're sincerely hoping all of these features will make it to production.

Just about a decade ago, the HUMMER H2 was offered in a standard SUV body style or as an open-bed truck dubbed H2T. The latter came with a bed that measured just under 4 feet, which rendered it barely usable. The first body style that the HUMMER EV will be offered in when it goes into production is a truck with a 5-foot bed. If you're familiar with the current line of GMC Sierra trucks, then you’ll instantly recognize the same MultiPro Tailgate on the HUMMER EV, adding more versatility to the bed area. Recovery hooks integrated in the front and rear bumpers give it a macho look, and they're fully functional as well - essential when you’re off-roading. As with the Jeep Wrangler and the new Ford Bronco, the HUMMER EV takes a similar approach and offers modular sky panels that can be removed for open air driving. Being an electric vehicle with no motor, you can store the panels in the frunk (front trunk) by stacking them on top of each other.

The HUMMER brand has always been synonymous with off-roading. The EV comes standard with a dynamic air suspension and can raise and lower the vehicle depending on the situation. There's 10.1 inches of ground clearance during normal driving conditions, and the HUMMER EV features an off-road aid called "Extract Mode" that can raise the body on the suspension to provide up to 15.9 inches of clearance. Approach angle is 49.7 degrees and departure is 38.4 degrees at its highest level. Water fording maxes out at 32 inches, which splits the difference between the Wrangler and Bronco. Bigger tires are extremely beneficial for off-roading, so HUMMER equipped their new EV with 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires and will offer a 37-inch option that can be fitted without lifting the vehicle. Beadlock-capable wheels will also be an optional extra.

A few other neat off-road tricks are the CrabWalk mode and Ultravision underbody cameras. CrabWalk takes advantage of the HUMMER EV's 4-wheel steering system, turning all of the wheels in one direction (rear wheels can turn up to 10 degrees) to allow the vehicle to move diagonally at low speeds to navigate tight trails. Ultravision gives the driver up to 18 different camera views; this system one-ups similar arrangements by placing cameras under the chassis. Not only does it help to see where your tires are placed, the presence of cameras under the vehicle can show the obstacles underneath in real time. Don’t worry about getting them dirty either because they have an integrated washer jet to clean them off on the trail.

Power and Efficiency

There's "power" as expected, and then there's 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque! 0-60 MPH in 3 seconds! 350 miles of estimated range despite these crazy figures. These are big numbers and we can’t wait to feel what a 3-second 0-60 run feels like in a large truck fitted with off-road tires. This is one of the first applications of GM's new "Ultium" battery technology that was developed with the help of industry giant LG Chem. The new batteries use less cobalt than existing battery architectures, making them more environmentally friendly without sacrificing performance or reliability. The batteries are also compatible with 800-volt DC fast charging, with select trims enabling 100 miles of range in 10 minutes. As with many EVs, the HUMMER can be driven using one pedal, meaning regenerative braking can slow the vehicle down while charging the battery at the same time.


Some of noteworthy features on the Edition 1 are the lunar-themed "easter eggs" distributed throughout the interior. These cues include speaker grilles embossed with a map of the Moon's Sea of Tranquility along with an astronaut boot footprint molded into the dead pedal. Digital gauges are the name of the game nowadays and the HUMMER EV is equipped with a 12.3-inch driver info display and a suitably large 13.4-inch infotainment screen. GM is bringing Super Cruise to more vehicles, and the Edition 1 will include it as standard equipment. The newest version will add auto lane change capability to the otherwise excellent hands-free driving experience. Super Cruise is not as widely known as Tesla's Autopilot, but it's proven to be more capable in the real world. Check out our thoughts on Super Cruise here.

The first HUMMER EV to go on sale will be the Edition 1, which stickers for roughly $112,585. However, there's a catch. If you're reading this and thinking about putting a reservation in, you’re out of luck. All examples of the Edition 1 were snatched up within 10 minutes after the books were opened. You'll have another chance in Fall of 2022 when the EV3X trim comes to market, with prices projected to start at $100,000. Spring of 2023 brings the EV2X in at $90,000, and the EV2 follows in Spring of 2024 with an opening price of $80,000.

The HUMMER brand is back and we can’t wait to test one out. It has all the specs to perform on and off the pavement without the tailpipe emissions and laughably poor fuel economy of the historical HUMMER models. GM is throwing down the gauntlet and is finally challenging the EV startups on their own turf. Consider us intrigued.

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