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  • On days when time is hard to find, a good breakfast bar can make the difference between going hungry and having the energy to get things done. We’ve selected a list of the best breakfast bars in 2021 available so you can choose one that suits your dietary needs or taste preferences.
    March 03, 2021
  • Wok cooking can be a fun and exciting experience. There are two main types of woks to choose from: Electric or Traditional. Traditional stove top woks typically have a flat or round bottom. Round bottom woks are generally for pit stoves because the bottom sits in sort of a fire lit hole. Flat bottom woks are for standard or induction cook tops. They also come in electric versions. Woks are made from stainless steel, cast iron or carbon steel and has become very popular as it is a great way to cook quickly.The surface of the woks are nonstick which allows for healthier cooking without the need for extra oil. They heat quickly and maintain that heat throughout the cooking process. The high sides of the wok makes it easy to utilize the entire surface of the wok. Whether you choose an electric or traditional wok, you will be able to enjoy the versatility that comes with owning one. You can also use your wok to braise, steam or deep fry.Woks come in a variety of sizes and you don't have to spend a lot of money to find a good quality one. With so many types on the market, it won't be hard to choose the best wok for your needs. Just a little bit of research goes a long way when selecting the right one for you. Check out our list of the best woks in 2021 below.
    February 03, 2016
  • If you've ever tried to eye-ball measurements or use soup or dessert spoons in place of measuring spoons, you may have had a baking disaster or made a dinner that didn't quite taste right. That's why measuring spoons are an essential tool for any kitchen. In most cases, spoons come in sets that contain at least a quarter teaspoon, half teaspoon, full teaspoon, and tablespoon measures. Some of them also include eighth teaspoon and half teaspoon measures, which are useful for home cooks that do a lot of baking or want to get their spices just right. Metal or porcelain spoons are preferable to plastic ones because they discolor or pick up odors, which is especially important when you're measuring spices. If you don't want to dig through the drawer to search for a half-dozen different measuring spoons, you might want to consider an adjustable measuring spoon. The size of these spoons can be changed thanks to a simple slider on the handle, making these convenient, one-size-fits-all measuring spoons. Check out our list for the best measuring spoons in 2021.
    February 01, 2016
  • The right wine glass can make the difference between a decent wine and a great wine. That's because wine glasses are specially shaped to enhance the aromas and flavors of different types of wines, bringing out the subtleties you might miss if you try to enjoy wine from the wrong type of glass.Sparkling, red, and white wines each have their own style of glassware. For sparkling wines, you'll want to use a deep, narrow glass that encourages tiny bubbles to rise to the top. If you're drinking red wine, a glass with a large bowl that has plenty of room at the top for the bouquet is desirable. White wines also benefit from extra room at the top of the glass, though you'll want your nose a little closer to the wine if you're hoping to pick up on the subtleties.Within these three categories, there are a wide variety of specialized glasses designed to enhance particular varietals. If you tend to drink one type of one, it's a good idea to buy glassware that's ideal for that varietal. No matter what type of wine you enjoy, you'll want to look for glassware that's well-made, easy to clean, and perfectly clear. Take a look at our list for the best wine glasses in 2021.
    February 01, 2016
Side tables, nightstands, snack trays, practical storage, these are all excellent uses for some of the best accent table options. With appropriate design, an accent table can fit just about anywhere. Of course, the best accent tables are made with durable materials, they’re stylish and match the local decor, but they’re also highly functional as a small tabletop.
March 03, 2021
Breaking a cork while opening a wine bottle can dampen your celebratory spirit. After all, it wouldn’t be fun to drink wine that has cork crumbles in it. Using an electric wine bottle opener can help prevents this from happening. It makes opening bottles effortless and quick.If you’re looking for a new wine bottle opener, here are some electric variants that are worth considering.
March 01, 2021
When choosing a candle making kit, look for a pack that has all the materials as you need. They should include tools that you can reuse, such as melting pitchers, a thermometer, and centering devices for your wicks. Go for natural ingredients like soy and beeswax in large quantities. It should also include plenty of wicks, scent and color options, and containers for holding the wax. Here are our top picks for the best candle making kit.
February 26, 2021
  • We can often be meticulous about maintaining the perfect temperature in our homes - constantly adjusting the thermostat to find that sweet spot between too warm and too cold. But one area of a home’s climate often overlooked is the humidity level, or relative humidity (RH).
    February 25, 2021
  • If you have a stuffy or humid bathroom, basement, bedroom, or other room in your home, you know how important having a dehumidifier is in making your home more comfortable. Dehumidifiers work wonders when it comes to keeping allergens and unwanted odors at bay while keeping your home at your preferred humidity level. However, you will want to make sure you are getting the most out of your dehumidifier so it lasts longer, keeps working properly, and keeps your home comfortable and clean while getting some added benefits. Here are some things to consider in order to get the most out of your dehumidifier.
    February 25, 2021
  • Bar stools are those elegant high seats that you often see at bars, but that doesn't mean they're exclusively meant to be used in those settings. They provide a certain aesthetic value to any space, and they’re comfortable to sit on because they somehow provide the right amount of support to your back. No wonder you don’t feel uncomfortable even if you are sitting at the bar for hours. If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, it’s high time you get these bar stools for your kitchen counter or dining table. Here are the best bar stools you can find online.
    February 24, 2021
  • Whether summer or winter, the air we breathe may hinder many health benefits that come with nature, which may be daunting for the time being. Nowadays, it’s easy to contract whatever your colleagues at work are diagnosed with, or better yet, pick up a virus or two (do we need to name it?) from a just-concluded flight. There’s a way to get rid of air contaminations and protect the air you breathe. A portable air purifier can do much good in the house, offices, schools, or even travel. Having one of these helps you filter the air in the atmosphere, relaxing a pleasant and healthy odor into the open space.Do you need a compact air purifier? Perhaps you’d like to know the big boys in the market. Check out our list of the best portable air purifiers in the market:
    February 23, 2021
  • A trash compactor reduces the volume of waste you generate down to a smaller size. Having a robust compactor bag makes this process even easier. Read ahead to check out our top five choices and find out which best trash compactor bags in 2021 suits your needs.
    February 22, 2021
  • A growing number of people are interested in healthier, cleaner diets to reduce their risk of diseases, maintain a healthy weight, and increase their lifespan. Fried food may be delicious, but it’s high in fat and linked to diabetes and heart disease. Fortunately, you don’t have to cut out favorites like French fries or fried chicken wings with an air fryer. The Best Air fryers in 2021 allow you to make healthier versions of popular food items without the guilt. If you want to find a reliable, sturdy air fryer to use, there are a few top choices to consider because of how well they work.
    February 22, 2021
  • No one likes that musty basement smell, but that smell can indicate other things like the potential for mold to grow in your basement and even the ruining of your furniture from too much moisture. These unwanted events can be easily prevented with the right basement dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers draw humidity out of the air with a fan to keep your space smelling and feeling clean. The best basement dehumidifiers should be able to rid your basement space of any moisture issues, but there are a couple other things to keep in mind like shape, size, and special features like drainage or square footage coverage. We have put together a list of the best basement dehumidifiers in 2021 to help your decision making and keep your basement fresh.
    February 22, 2021
  • Sometimes, even after the most careful browsing, we can end up with a mattress that doesn’t feel as comfortable as it should. A bed topper can improve your sleeping experience tenfold by offering the extra cushion and support you need. However, finding the right mattress pad can be just as challenging as finding an actual mattress. We've carefully tested and selected four of the best mattress pads in 2021 available to make your search easier.
    February 18, 2021
  • One of the most unexpectedly in-demand products of 2020 is the home air purifier, particularly when it comes to the more affordable choices. A quick search on Amazon shows hundreds of options ranging from $40 to well over $400, but it seems the sweet spot is in the $100-150 range. The other thing that stands out is the sheer number of competing brands, with no shortage of new names thrown in the mix. One of the better-reviewed options is the Okaysou AirMax 8L, with a 4.6 out of 5 average rating on Amazon at the time of publishing. We had the opportunity to try one out for a week and compare our experience with the positive feedback seen online.
    September 17, 2020
  • 2020 may very well go down as one of the strangest years in memory, but that won't stop the need for education. Despite the hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many school districts around the country are moving forward with the start of a new school year - with a catch. Remote learning is poised to become the new normal as we adjust to life with coronavirus risks, and the lessons we all learned earlier this year will help streamline the back-to-school process. Our staff at Bestcovery.com came up with a few suggestions to help ease the transition into digital classrooms.
    August 20, 2020
  • Video doorbells have become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to a then-obscure company that went on a show with some "sharks". Jamie Siminoff's Ring device failed to secure an investment on the show, but it did spark a trend where people began to take notice. Ring is now essentially synonymous with "video doorbell" like Kleenex is to tissue paper.For anyone who takes home security seriously, a good video doorbell should be a top priority. Having the capability to see and interact with someone at your front door without physically being home enables a sense of security. Today, there are many companies on the market that offer video doorbells besides Ring. Check out our top picks for Best Video Doorbell.
    March 13, 2020
  • Robot vacuums have been around for years, but have become increasingly popular lately. Whereas iRobot once owned the segment with a product that was notably superior, many legitimate competitors have emerged with compelling alternatives to the Roomba. In an effort to entice consumers, many of these manufacturers pack tons of features into an affordable package. As such, it's easier than ever to try out a futuristic way to conveniently clean floors with a push of a button.If you own a pet, a robot vacuum is an irreplaceable tool to combat shedding. While robot vacuums typically cannot clean the deeper layers of carpet as standard vacuums can, it can keep the surface free of dust and pet hair with nearly no effort on your part. If you have hardwood floors, a robot vacuum can just about take the place of the chore of regular vacuuming. Robot vacuums are also particularly appealing for people who have a hard time moving around due to injury or condition. You can keep your house clean even when you are not physically able to.Thanks to heavy competition in the marketplace, there's a plethora of good robot vacuums with increasingly affordable price tags. If you are considering a robot vacuum, now may be the best time to purchase one.
    February 20, 2020
  • AmazonBasics products encompass a wide range of categories, with excellent quality and stellar value being their hallmark features. This time, we'll explore the best AmazonBasics products in technology and travel, as well as a handful of automotive-related items that we found extremely useful.
    October 18, 2019
  • AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private label brand that offers alternative products to many competitors in various categories. We've seen AmazonBasics products everywhere from electronic accessories, baking essentials, and even motor oil!
    October 18, 2019
  • A washing machine is not something that is frequently purchased by customers, but it's an essential household appliance nonetheless. Whether you're in the market because your old washing machine broke down or you've simply decided that it's time for an upgrade, you'll definitely want to select the best one to suit your needs, budget, and available space. There are excellent choices in both the front-loading and top-loading categories, and we've identified the best washing machine in each respective category with respect to performance, features, pricing, and availability. If you'd like to research your purchase further, we've included a washing machine buyer's guide below our recommendations.
    September 13, 2019
  • Most home kitchens contain a range for their convenience and relative affordability. A range usually combines a cooktop and an oven into one appliance with a wide variety of available styles, features, and capacities. Simple electric ranges can typically be had for affordable prices, while expensive dual-fuel models wouldn’t be out of place in a high-end home. Whether you’re looking for something simple and affordable or something stylish and professional, we’ve compiled the following lists of the best ranges available. For a more detailed guide to finding the best ranges in 2021 for your kitchen, be sure to also check out our buying guide below.
    April 30, 2016
  • The three main types of coffee grinders are blade, flat plate, and conical. Conical burr grinders are the original type of grinders and use burrs placed at a near vertical orientation which spin at a low speed so there’s no burn taste. These provide the most consistent coarse grounds used in French press or pour over coffee but will also make good medium to fine grinds as well.Next, you have blade grinders which use sharp cutting blades spinning at very high speeds to cut and chop coffee beans to grounds. The least expensive option, they work best for medium type grounds ideal for drip machines and percolators. Because of their operating speed, they can sometimes burn the beans and slightly alter the taste of your coffee. Unless you grind beans very infrequently, we recommend skipping this type of grinder altogether.Lastly, you have flat plate burr grinders which turn slower than blade grinders so there’s less of a chance the coffee will burn. They use horizontal burrs on a flat plate (hence the name) which do a credible grinding job for all coffee grinds, but they excel at finer grinds like espresso and Turkish blends.We've listed the best coffee grinders in 2021 as we’re concentrating on electrically powered grinders because they grind larger quantities of beans faster and easier, especially when you’re making more than one cup of coffee. Every one of these grinders will be easy to take apart and clean which is helpful if a bean gets caught in the mechanism, the blades gum up from very oily or flavored beans, or if a foreign object accidentally gets into the grinder.
    April 22, 2016
  • The french press is a manual coffee making system where you add the coffee grounds into a container then pour pre-heated hot water over the top. You then let the grounds brew for as long as you desire, understanding that the longer the brew,  the stronger the coffee. Finally, you’ll strain the grounds from the liquid resulting in freshly brewed coffee that some consider the best that can be made.The following best French press in 2021 will have a press strainer which is tightly sealed along the edges. Lesser presses may make good coffee, but if the seal isn't tight you’ll have bits and piece of grounds escaping into the coffee brew. Each of our picks will also be capable of making at least eight cups of coffee, making them as versatile as a drip or percolator coffee machine. If you’re like to use fine ground coffee, then consider those types with multiple strainers.All of the strainer mediums will be made of metal as well; while plastic or nylon strainers will keep the grounds out as effectively as metal, their overall durability is in question. Honestly, do you really want bits and pieces of degraded plastic (or strings of nylon) infesting your coffee and spoiling the brew? Although every plastic French Press maker on this list will be BPH free, we’ve offered all-metal options if you’re concerned about plastic chemicals leaching into the brew. Lastly, each of these picks will come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated in the description.
    March 28, 2016
  • You may want to think of these as modern tea kettles, but in these modern times, these kettles are capable of doing so much more although you'll always have hot water ready when you need it. While they work great for making tea, the water gets hot enough in some of these picks to be used for a variety of tasks such as sterilization, unblocking clogged drains, or even pouring over ant mounds to rid your property of ants in a very eco-friendly way. So, you might think tea kettle here, but there are so many more uses.If you particular about the exact temperature of the water, look for those with temperature control features. You'll also have your choice of different materials in construction such as glass, stainless steel, plastic, and hybrids that use a combination of these materials. You can choose the type that best fits your personal taste in kitchen décor.All of the electric kettles we’ve chosen for this list will have at least 1000 watts of power which ensures faster boiling times than doing this manually on the stove. The power comes from a detachable base so that every kettle is cordless when you pour it. All of the plastic used in the construction of these kettles will be certified BPH free, so although you may have to spend a bit more for the units on this list, your health should be worth it.These best electric kettles in 2021 list have also been constructed with anti-slip handles and an auto-shut-off feature, so when the water is done you won't have to worry about boil overs. These kettles won’t burn the water which may sound funny, but lesser kettles can impart a burnt taste, greatly detracting from the hot beverage you are trying to enjoy. Lastly, each kettle will come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated in the description.
    February 26, 2016
  • Food choppers are one step above a regular knife, generally giving the same performance as a manual knife in terms of chopping performance, but they do it faster and more efficiently. These basic appliances are all going to be manually activated, because any motorized unit takes away from the simplicity of the design. Plus, motorized units begin to blur the line between a food chopper and a miniature food processor, and choppers are what this list is all about.These list contains the best food choppers in 2021 and are all made for quick and easy food vegetable preparation, therefore all of them will store easily in a deep drawer or virtually any cabinet space. All of the cutting parts and the bowl will be dishwasher safe, so once you have finished chopping, you can literally place them in a dishwasher with no muss or fuss. Although some may have plastic components, the cutting blades will all be made of stainless steel.There are several different ways to power them including pump action, crank handles, and pull cords. You'll have to decide which type is right for you. Each of these will also come protected by a minimum one year limited manufacturer’s warranty, unless otherwise listed in the description.
    February 25, 2016
  • People have been grinding their own meats since the pioneer days because of the basic necessity and now in the modern era because it offers more benefits than pre-packaged meats. People choose to grind meat because it’s safer, produces better flavored meats, offers a better texture, and saves you money in the long haul.Meat grinders all consist of the same basic parts, from the hopper, the pusher that presses the meat down into the hopper, an auger, and a cutting blade. You’ll have your choice between an electrically powered meat grinder or a manually powered type so choose which type suits your lifestyle better. However, we will not feature any meat grinder attachments that come as options for various mixers and food processors. The only thing on this list will be dedicated meat grinders that are stand alone or types that bolt on to your counter.All of the items in this list is being considered as the best meat grinders in 2021 and will have a metal cutting blade. Granted, there are some grinders that have heavy-duty polycarbonate blades, but when they grind gristle or hit an errant piece of bone, they will degrade and lose their edge, and they will all have a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated in the description.Remember also to keep the crank and the auger ends lubricated for durability and a longer life span. Use a few drops of cooking oil at these points every time you use them, and you'll keep bearing wear at a minimum for the lifetime of the unit.
    February 25, 2016
  • With the price of food always going up, consumers are continuously looking for ways to save money at the grocery store; one way is to buy meats and cheeses in bulk. In most instances you can buy bologna, ham, turkey, or beef and lamb whole, and use a meat slicer to cut it up into individual portions as you need them. This can potentially save you a lot of money spent on prepackaged meats and cheeses. Not only that, but a quality meat slicer can also make short work of potatoes and other vegetables, slicing them thin enough to make chips or garnishes for salads.To start, we’ve chosen these best meat slicers because they’re all commercial models. Not that there aren't some good household types, but all household meat slicers are essentially downsized and therefore compromised commercial models. No household type will have the power, be as effective, or function comparably to these selectionsThese meat slicers were also chosen because of their incredibly precise thickness adjustments, thanks to fine toothed gearing and bearings on their adjustment shafts. Most household adjustments are simple sliders with coarse plastic gears for basic thickness adjustments gauged on rudimentary thickness markings. They’ll easily slice up cooked meat, fresh meat, and even frozen meat so you don’t have to thaw an entire side of beef every time you only want a couple of slices for dinner.All of these are the best meat slicers in 2021 which were made primarily of metal meaning they’re and not particularly portable, but this means they’re staying planted during slicing tasks. Every one of these picks will break down relatively easy for cleaning after virtually every use or you run the risk of salmonella poisoning from bits and pieces of decaying meat caught in the nooks and crannies.Unless otherwise noted in the description, these picks will all come with a manufacturer’s limited one year warranty.
    February 16, 2016
  • A skillet is essentially a shallow frying pan with a lid. Unlike griddles which are open topped, a skillet will cook food more efficiently by keeping the heat contained in addition to containing food splatter inside the cover. They’re also available in different dimensions including round, square, rectangular, and oblong shapes to suit the types of food you cook most. Good for preparing a variety of meals, their electrical power source means not relying on a stovetop burner to get them heated up.  We’ve narrowed down these best electric skillets in 2021 because they all have variable temperature settings instead of just "hi", "medium", or "low" settings. This makes our picks very versatile in the kitchen since you can to choose the perfect temperature for any meal; none have any "hot spots" which could potentially burn or overcook a meal. Their handles are also manufactured to be heat resistant so you won't need a dish towel or kitchen gloves to pick them up.Additionally, each skillet will be at least two-inches deep, giving you the option to simmer foods like stews and soups. They will all have non-stick surfaces, but the composition of each may be different, so again, choose which non-stick works for you. Unless mentioned otherwise, each of these selections will be covered by a minimum one year manufacturer’s warranty.
    February 10, 2016
  • Down comforters offer the best in comfort, both in terms of softness and in terms of breathability. And these days, allergies aren't even an issue, as the best down comforters are certified hypo-allergenic. There is a wide range of down comforters out there, and depending on exactly what you're looking for, you can find something suitable no matter what your price range or requirements. Here are the five most luxurious, durable, warm, and easy to care for down comforters on the market.
    February 05, 2016
  • Two of the top 10 items that define a civilized culture are access to clean water and effective sanitation. While few of us drink out of the toilet, the wonderful commode that we take for granted places us in the top 1 percent of the civilized world. Not only do 99.99 percent of the homes in America have a toilet, we have at least three or more. Not only do we have three or more, but our toilets are the smartest, most sophisticated toilets in the world. They come with lids (an important factor if you live with flies that spread dysentery) that open and close themselves, seats that are heated, bidets that take care of the dirty work, and they can even come with stereo surround sound for our added enjoyment. Our commodes on these lists will also use water as efficiently as possible, give us options about how much water to use, and some toilets can even recycle, sterilize and re-use the water depending on how efficient we want to be.
    February 05, 2016
  • When small or intricate objects need to be painted, there’s nothing that works better than a can of spray paint. Spray allows you to apply an even coat of paint to an object, without leaving tell-tale brush strokes. Available in a wide range of colors, spray paints make it easy to match decorative items to home decor, repair scratches and nicks in car finishes and provide quick and easy protection from the weather for items intended to be left outdoors. With spray paint, cleanup is minimal. There are no brushes or rollers to clean and no spray gun to take apart. The only actual cleaning needed is to turn the can upside-down for a moment and spray, allowing the propellant to clear out the nozzle, so that it doesn't clog. If that little step is forgotten, the can may not work the next time. One does need to watch out for overspray when using spray paint, just as they would with a large spray gun. The process of atomizing the paint tends to cause droplets to float around in the air, landing in places you may not want. For that reason, one needs to be careful about where they are spray painting, selecting a location where the overspray can’t damage anything. For small objects, a makeshift “spray booth” can be made out of a cardboard box. Due to the small nozzle size, spray paint is thinned considerably, making each coat extremely thin. If a thicker finish is needed, it is recommended to apply several coats. Most spray paints can be recoated within 30 minutes, making it easy to apply several coats. There are also a few high solids spray paints on the market, which build a thicker film per coat. For the best possible finish, spray in a back and forth pattern which starts and ends past the ends of the object. This will help prevent runs caused by excessive paint buildup at the ends of the object. You should also try and always keep the surface “wetted” so that the new paint is being laid down overlapping existing wet paint. This will help to eliminate the striped effect that is typical of poorly applied spray paint. Spray paint can also be buffed once dry, to help eliminate any sheen striping. Only buff it if several coats of paint have been applied, as buffing does remove some paint from the surface. Hand buffing is better, as you are less likely to buff though the paint film. One nice thing that is being done with some of the newer spray paints is multi-colored and textured paints. Both Krylon and Rust-Oleum, the two largest producers of spray paints, offer several different types of multi-colored and textured spray paints. These are excellent for use on surfaces that are not perfectly smooth or that have imperfections, as they hide those imperfections quite well. Paints of this type are not high gloss, which also helps to hide imperfections. When selecting spray paints, look at the price. Low cost spray paints are just that; low cost. They typically have lower solids, so will provide less coverage. This can be dealt with by applying more coats. A higher cost spray paint will generally be higher solids, providing a thicker film and better coverage. A few spray paints will actually cover in one coat.
    February 03, 2016
  • Electric blankets have improved in terms of technology and material to be much more versatile and comfortable than their earlier scratchy counterparts. They use much less electricity than a heating fan or radiator would, which can help reduce winter heating bills. Larger blankets have dual controls so two people can comfortably share a blanket. These top picks are comfortable, plush blankets that will warm the coldest nights, as long as you are near an outlet.
    February 03, 2016
  • Scroll saws are ideally adapted for cutting curves in wood. These saws can make the tightest cuts, even cutting 90 degree angles or five degree internal angles. The thin cutting blade is held firmly and stretched between two arms, ensuring it stays rigid and at the right angle to the wood.If you’ve ever tried cutting anything complex with a hand-held jigsaw, you probably got as frustrated as I did. I used one of those for years, before finally breaking down to buy a scroll saw. What a difference! The quality of cuts that I’m able to make it much better, following the pattern line on the workpiece, and producing cuts exactly perpendicular to the face of the workpiece. That’s extremely hard to do with a handheld jigsaw.Some may think that all scrolls saws are essentially created equal but in fact they’re not. The biggest difference is the drive system used which affects the accuracy of the cut, as well as the possibility of splitting the wood. Take a look at our buyer's guide below to learn the difference as well as other key pieces of information.
    February 03, 2016
  • Everyone needs to paint their house from time to time, giving their home a fresh, clean look and protecting the home's materials from weather damage. A proper paint job is not only aesthetically pleasing, but an important part of a home's maintenance. Therefore, it's worth taking the time to do it right. The right paint can make a huge difference. Not all paints are created equal, either in quality or in purpose. When picking paint, you need to make sure it is not only of a high quality, but that it will work well with the substrate you've chosen. A poor choice in this regard will mean paint will peel off the home, long before you should be expecting any problems. However, picking the right paint can be tricky at best. Most people depend on the guy in the paint department to tell them what they need; however, you're better off having a good idea of what will work best for your situation, long before talking to him. Check out our buyer's guide for paints and learn the things you need to know in order to pick out the right paint for your paint job.
    February 03, 2016
  • After table saws, band saws are the most common type of shop saw you'll encounter. They are used extensively everywhere from cabinet making shops to induistrial manufacturing plants. The band saw provides the thinnest kerf of any type of saw around which makes it excellent for use with expensive or rare materials like wood burls. There are two things that a band saw can do which a table saw can’t. They're excellent for cutting curves and the only saw which can properly resaw wood. For curve cutting they provide a much smoother cut than either a jigsaw or a scroll saw with the blade exactly perpendicular to the workpiece. Although scroll saws will cut a tighter curve, they can’t cut as smooth as one as a band saw can. Resawing wood consists of splitting the thickness of it, typically taking a 3/4” thick board and making it into two 3/8” thick pieces or three 1/4” thick pieces. With the narrow kerf of the band saw blade, very little material is lost. This is important for book matching pieces. Consider taking a taking a look at our buyer's guide below for more information about band saws and how to make the best possible selection for your needs.
    February 03, 2016