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Now that flat-screen HDTVs have had a couple of decades worth of refinement and product development, it's fair to say that it's harder to find a bad TV than it is a good one. A modern HDTV pairs excellent picture quality with built-in smart TV streaming features, all at an incredibly affordable price. The most recent trend with HDTVs has been increasingly larger screen sizes; it's now possible to find 55-inch TVs priced similarly to 40-inch models from even a few years ago. Our top HDTV picks display inky black levels, creating a more immersive experience thanks to the well-defined contrast between light and dark areas. These selections also provide excellent color accuracy, recreating an image to make it look lifelike (along with carrying the necessary adjustments to dial in the perfect images with true-to-life colors). Each of the best HDTVs in 2022 can also easily process moving images and maintain clarity with fast-moving programs or movie scenes free of shuddering or skipping, making them well-suited for home theater use. We also evaluated each TV's respective smart TV capabilities for ease of use and functionality. If you're still unsure of which HDTV you should buy, head straight down to our buyer's guide below for more information.
August 15, 2019
AV receivers (alternately, A/V receivers) act as an electronic gateway or organizer for your home entertainment system, and consolidate the function of multiple devices into a single box. Modern AV receivers offer several HDMI inputs and an ARC-capable output, with higher-end units featuring advanced video processing as well. Better AV receivers offer superior sound quality, which can immerse viewers in the "atmosphere" that movie directors intended. The best AV receivers in 2022 below offer excellent options for expanding your home audio or theater system, and we’ve also provided an AV Receiver buyer's guide below for your review.
September 06, 2019
Sound bars are by far the easiest way to add volume and clarity to any TV or home theater system. Most TVs come with small downward or rear firing speakers that have especially poor bass response, and often unsatisfactory volume. This generally makes for terrible sound quality, and most don’t reach below 300 Hz or above 10,000; human hearing extends between 20-20,000 Hz, meaning that over half the spectrum is missing! The output from built-in speakers is certainly usable, especially in smaller rooms, but let’s face it: everyone wants their TV to sound more like a movie theater. The good news is that it's possible to move closer to this ideal with a minimal investment. Around $100-200 will net you a unit that can drastically improve sound quality over built-in speakers, lowering bass response down past 100hz to put some good thump in your music and movies, and offering a much more spacious, realistic presentation that will leave you wondering how you ever got by with the bare minimum. Check out our list of the best sound bars in 2022.
August 08, 2019
  • Try searching for the best plasma TVs today, and you may have found out the hard way that plasma TVs no longer exist. LG and Samsung sold their last PDP sets in 2015 (largely as re-hashed versions of their respective 2014 models), while Panasonic packed up their plasma TV operations in 2014 and left the US TV market entirely only a couple years later. Despite their inherently superior picture quality and surprisingly affordable prices, dwindling consumer interest and falling prices of rival HDTV technologies led to the plasma display panel joining CRTs and DLP/rear projection in the "obsolete" section of the consumer TV market.
    January 25, 2023
  • This year, large gatherings with friends and family to watch the game might not be happening. The coronavirus has really kicked us in the teeth, and it seems to be loving it. Luckily there are other exciting ways to catch the game. And maybe these alternatives might not be the same as a physical viewing; we know some ways that you can get the absolute best out of them. Here are a few tips on how to build the best viewing experience for big games.
    October 12, 2021
  • A television set is no longer a luxury in today's world, but rather an essential appliance in every home. There were few options in the TV segment until a few decades ago, and decision making was binary – black and white or color television? Today's situation is very different.
    August 09, 2021
  • Whenever you're considering a new TV for your home, you'll inevitably spend an untold number of hours looking through the specifications of all the ones you're interested in. However, one particular aspect which is quite difficult to decide is the size of the TV, especially in regards to how it will fit into the space you have available. For example, 40" to 55" TVs have become standard for most houses. However, there are people who want to buy larger sizes like 65", 75", or even 85" TVs.
    August 09, 2021
  • Do you enjoy writing letters and papers with fun colored pens? Do you enjoy giving your art projects some extra flair? Gel pens may be the right purchase for you. A good gel pen will provide you with a quality writing experience, and will come with enough colors to satisfy all of your art and writing needs. Gel pens are the ideal choice for budding artists and experienced calligraphers alike. To help you choose the perfect set among the numerous options, we have handpicked some top-rated gel pens of 2022 for all of your pen needs.
    September 19, 2022
  • Are you tired of sharpening wood pencils to write neatly every few hours? You also need to have a large stock of these at home as they wear out quickly. Say goodbye to these nuisances, and let us introduce a magical alternative. A good mechanical pencil is just what you need. They last for years; you just need to refill the lead through a simple process, and you don’t have to sharpen them repeatedly. The writing quality will remain high throughout your document. Students also admire this product for its aesthetic looks and high-grade functionality. So quit wasting your time and buy one of the finest mechanical pencils of 2022 to enhance your writing and drawing skills like never before.
    August 30, 2022
  • If you told Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, way back in 1436, that printers would, one day, print 3D objects using a highly moldable material, he would have thought you were crazy. But, as it turns out, we actually have such technologies available to us now - in the form of what we call 3D printers.3D printers don’t exactly use ink and paper. Instead, they use a feed of thermoplastic that gets melted and then molded into a shape of your choosing. The printer slowly builds up the shape of your 3D object, and once it’s done, you’ve basically made a virtual 3D concept into a physical object. Crazy stuff if you think about it.The best 3D printers in 2021 not only allow you to print 3D objects but also do so with precision and reliability. There are still a few problems with 3D printers, and while we have seen a few advancements in the industry, the technology’s still far from perfect. Regardless, 3D printers bring out endless possibilities for personal and business endeavors.So whether you’re looking to make a mock-up version of a product you’ve designed, or just want to print whatever you want for DIY projects, this list has four great printer options for you to choose from. Read on to find out more about these nifty devices in detail.
    January 14, 2022
  • Photos and videos have become incredibly easy to share over the past few decades. We came from having to print our photos individually to being able to send ultra high resolution photos to others on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds. So, why are there so many instant cameras still available today? The answer is a little more complicated than you think.You see, even given how high-definition digital photos are, they aren’t actually 'there'. Sure, they’re right in front of you on your screen, but you can’t access them as an actual photo, requiring you to open a virtual gallery on a piece of software.In comparison, there’s something more personal and charming with actual printed photos - it’s a real picture, one that you can put in your wallet, hang on a picture frame, or place by your desk. These sorts of photos are great if you want to preserve the memory of the photo anywhere you go without having to rely on your smartphone to see them.If you like the nostalgic and almost romantic appeal of instant cameras, then we’ve got a treat for you. We’ve picked out our five top instant cameras in 2022 and have reviewed each one. Check them out to see which one is right for you!
    January 11, 2022
  • The tripod is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a photographer's kit, second only to the camera itself. However, to perform optimally, it must be used in conjunction with a tripod head. Photography and videography are both diverse disciplines, but with a solidly built tripod head, you can easily execute professional gigs.When looking for a tripod head, you should look for a product that can meet your needs in terms of height and angle of inclination. We've taken the liberty of researching and reviewing the top tripod heads on the market now. From our research, we've selected our top five tripod heads this year and broken down the benefits of each. Read on to figure out which one is right for you!
    January 10, 2022
  • If you’ve ever watched a press conference, government meeting, or anything similar, you’ve probably seen participants press a special button before they speak. This small button is actually part of a device known as a conference microphone, and it’s an efficient way to speak to others without having to worry about devices in front of your face.Conference microphones are interesting in the sense that while they aren’t anywhere near your mouth when you speak, they are able to pick up your voice and then relay that in a controlled and audible manner. This has to do with the software and hardware that work in tandem to get as good of an audio recording as possible.And despite conference microphones being primarily used in conference meetings, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in small-scale business meetings, school video calls, or even at home for personal use. These are our five best conference microphones in 2022 that you’ll find surprisingly fit well in your living room or office.
    December 06, 2021
  • Labels are a great way to organize your home. With them, you can clearly label the use-by date of opened food, label sealed boxes so you don’t need to open them to see what is inside, and even use them to learn a language by labeling items around your home in the language you wish to learn. Label makers allow you to make numerous labels quickly and clearly.Labels are also a necessity in many fields of work. For example, if you are a creator making and sending things from home or a studio, you will want to brand your items. A label maker can create beautiful labels for the things you have created. In addition, sometimes, the overall packaging of a product can make the product itself more appealing, labels included.To choose the best label maker, there are several factors you should consider. We will discuss these later in the article. But, first, you should check out our list of the best label makers in 2022 below. You are sure to find a product you love in our well-researched selection!
    November 19, 2021
  • Zipper pouches have a lot of uses for people of all ages and genders. Women need pouches for their makeup, school children need them for stationary, and men need them to carry small items like headphones. There are a lot of zipper pouches available on the market, and some serve a different function than others. Our team has prepared this guide to help you choose the right one for your needs. Below, we have presented our top picks of the highest-rated zipper pouches in 2022. Some people like to customize their pouches, while others are looking for simple pouches that are durable enough for everyday use. Whatever your preference, we have got you covered. Different designs are available in the market for children and adults. Keep reading our top picks list and the complete buyer’s guide to choose the perfect zipper pouch.
    November 17, 2021
  • The best dry erase boards are the ones that not only look great but also have a large surface that allows you to stay organized and write on them with ease. We’ve looked at many options, choosing our favorites that stand out for their quality, ease of use, and durability. Whether browsing for your classroom or personal purposes, have a look at these great options below!
    November 16, 2021
  • In addition to making it a challenge to find your favorite pen, a messy workspace makes it hard to concentrate and get things done on time. Pencils rolling off the edge of your desk, paperclips strewn about, and pens all out of ink make for a poor work environment. Especially with the shift to many work-from-home jobs, you’ll need the tidiest office space to allow you to work efficiently, whether in a cubicle or in your home. To keep your pens and pencils neat and tidy, you’ll need one of the best desk pencil holders in 2022.These handy organizational tools will keep your writing utensils separated, upright, and easy to grab. Below, you'll find an overview of some of the most popular pencil holders that are perfect for your desk. A detailed comparison of desk pencil holders is provided in this article, as well as information diving into what you should consider before purchasing.
    November 15, 2021
  • Whether it’s to upload some documents or record something from the past, scanners are useful for converting things into the digital world. Ranging from powerful models to space-saving solutions, here are the best scanners that you can use at home any day of the week.
    November 12, 2021
  • No matter how easy it might be to write stuff on your phone, nothing beats a good ol' note pad. The feeling of swiping a pen across paper is divine in its own right. Needless to say, note pads are incredibly useful items that come in handy more times than one can count. From penning down your thoughts in the spur of the moment to noting down groceries, the list is endless. Good quality pages offer a neat palette where you can jot down whatever you wish. So, we've put together a list of our favorite note pads so that you can rest easy knowing you're taking notes on one of the top pads on the market.
    November 08, 2021
  • A typical corporate workday looks like this: you go to the office, sit glued to your desk for up to 8 hours (or more, if you're unlucky), and then take your leave only to return the next day. There's no escaping that routine, and that office chair starts to become a bit too uncomfortable after some time, doesn't it? Unfortunately, most employers do not care much about the ergonomics of your office chair, so you must take matters into your own hands. One excellent addition to your workspace that we recommend is a footrest. Placing a footrest under your desk will allow you to sit with a more comfortable posture, resulting in improved blood circulation for your legs and preventing the onset of lower-back pain. Of course, the utility of a footrest is not limited to the workplace. You should have one at home as well for whenever you are working on a desk. Our top picks of the finest footrests in 2022 are all great options that our team has picked due to the phenomenal comfort these footrests provide. Also, these options are durable, soft, supportive, and adjustable, so all you must do is place them where needed for the most comfortable and productive workday.
    November 05, 2021
  • With more and more people getting back into the office or interviewing, personal branding has never been more important. A great way to stand out is with a beautifully designed leather portfolio that reflects you. Today, many need to present themselves in a professional manner, and a leather portfolio is a great accessory to do just that. It provides an unspoken, but clear, message that you take your business seriously. Here, we have compiled some leather portfolios in 2022 that are practical and stylish.A leather portfolio should be stylish enough to make a statement, yet strong enough to stand up against daily use. The materials need to feel comfortable in your hands while looking elegant when you pull them out at meetings or interviews. For anyone with class, it's a must-have. Whether you want a traditional or modern leather portfolio, we have something for everyone!
    November 04, 2021
  • Laptops and portable computers have made it possible for us to work or access the internet from just about anywhere. We use laptops for everything including work, study, and entertainment, which is why we spend a good part of the day sitting in front of a laptop. The best part about using a laptop is that it can be used from anywhere including a couch or even your bed. While the portability aspect of laptops and tablets with keyboards has extended unprecedented convenience for us, sometimes it does become uncomfortable and unproductive to use them while resting on a couch or a bed; your neck may be strained at an uncomfortable angle or your hands may not be resting in a position conducive to typing. But fret not — a lap desk is the perfect solution to your problem. By elevating your computer and providing a solid surface, you can make your work experience significantly better, even in bed. Here are the best lap desks in 2022.
    November 02, 2021
  • These document scanners provide you with high-quality, professional prints in a small, portable unit that you can take on the go. They can scan with a high level of detail, have an adequate resolution, and provide enough functionality for an efficient printing process. If you’re ready to buy, these are a few document scanners worth using because of their impressive displays and ease of use.
    October 29, 2021
  • Almost everything we use in our daily routines has an electronic input. Whether it's a flashlight, a toy, or your TV's remote control, all these devices require batteries to operate. And to make sure that these devices function properly and last longer, the batteries you put in them matter a lot. So, for your convenience, we've compiled a list of the best C batteries in 2022 and a buyer's guide so you make the right choice.C batteries may not be as popular as AA but they still play a significant part of our everyday lives. But as frequently as we use them, not all of us know how to buy the right ones. Remember: these batteries are used in some of your gadgets and electronics.
    October 27, 2021
  • Card boxes may seem like an insignificant investment until you end up buying one. In an office, imagine uncountable index cards with important records just lying around. Or spending hours rummaging through your kitchen drawer for recipes written on cards. Or expensive, rare sports cards just lying about in your room. Imagine the horror when your favorite trading cards start to wilt at the corners. The solution to all these problems? A card box! Card boxes come in different sizes and styles so that you can practically organize your cards and shield them from moisture and dust. You can also label them to easily access whichever card you want. Intrigued already? Go ahead and skim through our thorough guide on the best card boxes in 2022!
    October 27, 2021
  • Journals can significantly help you gain control over your emotions and enhance your mental health. Usually, journaling requires two things - a notebook and a pen. Even in the digital age, writing on a simple piece of paper can be quite a refreshing change of pace. But as soon as you open the internet and search for a journal, you will be able to see that there are absolutely hundreds of them to choose from. We wanted to assist you with the purchasing decision, so that's why we will be going through some of the best journal notebooks in 2022 available. So stay put and stick with us until the end!
    October 20, 2021
  • Constantly combating a disorganized workspace where there is a lot of clutter can easily frustrate you, thereby stifling your productivity at work. An organized person should always structure their workspace in a manner that allows them to locate crucial items quickly and execute every task effectively and in a timely manner. Make use of organizing tools and storage boxes such as the best 3-hole folders on our recommendation list below, to spare you from undue stress.
    October 20, 2021
  • When it comes down to finding the right chair for your home office, comfort is the gold standard. Working from home can be a very convenient option, but the last thing you want to do is spend all day shifting around on an uncomfortable chair, taking your mind away from the task at hand. But there are other features of a home office chair that you want to think about too: finding an office chair that is sturdy, holding up to lots of use over time; a chair that is stylish without breaking the bank; one that isn't difficult to assemble for even the most DIY novice. Sound like a lot to figure out? Don't worry! We have done the work for you by creating a list of office chair options that take all of these things into consideration and more. Take a look at the best chairs for home offices in 2022 options available for your personal needs!
    October 14, 2021
  • After a stressful day of work, you’re tired beyond explanation. What can assist you in gaining your strength back? How does a shower sound? To tell you the truth, showers can become boring because they’re quite uneventful, to be honest. Well then, how can you spice things up while you’re taking a long, relaxing shower? You add in some shower speakers. They’re designed to be your shower companion so you can blow off some steam and breathe with ease. Sounds exciting, right? We completely agree! So, to save you from all sorts of hassles, we’ve gathered the best shower speakers in 2022. The products we’ve compiled are not ordinary speakers. They’re built for a purpose, and that is why you should keep on reading. Let’s take a look at them together.
    October 11, 2021
  • AirPods have become a very trendy and an essential accessory for all iPhone users around the globe. These are the premium wireless earbuds from Apple. No headphone jack in many phones, like iPhones, means if you want to use buds you can only connect wirelessly for listening to music, watching videos, or making calls. Due to their unique design — such as the need to only pair them once with your phone — you will see people wearing them everywhere. But, you'll want to keep your beloved AirPods case in good condition. Using them often can easily lead to wear and tear, but you'll want protection against accidents too. Here, you will see a wide variety of the best AirPod cases in 2021 so you can buy one for yourself.People buy AirPods cases to keep them safe and prevent misplacing them. To purchase such covers for your own device, below are some of the good options you can try:
    October 08, 2021
  • Printers are amongst the most commonly utilized office items all over the world. Laser technology in printing is an innovation that has made printers even more useful, causing laser printers to get exponentially more popular with time. As suggested by the term itself, laser printers use laser printing technology to print faster and more efficiently than typical inkjet printers. They're not just for offices, either - laser printers are commonly found in homes as well.Given the convenience, utility, and functionality that this equipment has introduced into our lives, the best laser printers in 2022 are certainly amongst the most useful inventions of our time. Take a look at our top picks below.
    October 07, 2021
  • Global work patterns have changed since 2020. We’ve witnessed an era where workspaces have been redefined, where you might not need to work in a cubicle; instead, you might be asked to work from home. While your environment might have changed, your comfort shouldn’t. So, we bring to you the best office chairs in 2022.Be it a stiff back, sore arms, or a tight neck, all you need is good, comfortable seating that can help you to relax and relieve the physical strain of work. This also means you’ll be able to put your mind to the task at hand and be far more productive. Don’t stress out about finding the right fit for you — we've compiled detailed reviews of our favorite office chairs.
    October 01, 2021
  • Whiteboards have been around for a while and do not seem to be going away anytime soon. Even with recent advancements in technology, whiteboards still have a place in our everyday lives. They are useful in schools as learning aids, in offices for brainstorming and sharing ideas, in the house to draft to-do lists, and other important things.Whiteboard stickers bring a new dimension to the use of whiteboards. They are easy to install and do not take up space like freestanding whiteboards. All you need to install a whiteboard sticker is a flat surface — it could be your wall or your desk. This versatility makes whiteboard stickers a choice product in many homes, schools, and offices, so our experts reviewed the best whiteboard stickers in 2022. The review that follows details their unique features that made them stand out and worth a purchase.
    September 23, 2021
  • Do you find liquid correction fluid (bear with us, "whiteout" is a genericized version of Bic's Wite-Out trademark) a little too messy or you hate scratching or erasing your mistakes with your pen or pencil? Here’s an end to all your paper correction issues.Correction tapes help you keep your textbooks and notes looking clean and tidy in an instant. They are every office and student’s staple tool, all thanks to the quick, easy, and dry application. You can get them in different colors and different kinds of applicators.Since there are many options on the market, we saved you some time and effort by researching and putting together a list of the best correction tapes in 2022 for you.
    September 15, 2021
  • Gaming technology has come a long way since the early days of the Atari and NES. Everywhere you look, new products with mind-boggling specs are being released. The latest trend in the market is VR headsets. Plenty of companies have thrown their hat in the ring in a bid to appeal to a huge demographic of gamers who literally want to get lost in another world. As such, it was very easy to compile a list of the best VR headsets in 2022.With big names like Oculus and Valve trying their hand at this technology, it can be difficult to make a decision. Luckily, we are here to help. To help you make a decision on the best VR headsets in 2022 for your gaming requirements, we have collected a list of some of the most impressive pieces to hit shelves in the past year or so. We’ve also done you a favor and detailed the key points you need to consider before making your purchase. Would you like to know more? Check out the rest of the article below!
    August 06, 2021
  • Magnetic phone mounts are a practical solution to keep your phone at hand's reach with a nice viewing angle while driving. The best ones offer a flexible, sturdy structure that you can mount on any dashboard or air vent. Here are some of the best magnetic phone mounts for cars in 2022 for you to consider.
    August 04, 2021
  • Copy paper is usually heavy-duty paper that will never let your photos and documents fade or become blurry. When choosing a paper, consider the size, material, and durability. Here are some of the best copy paper in 2022 for you to consider.
    August 03, 2021