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Amazon Now Offers Live Wine Tastings and Cooking Demos

virtual wine tastings and cooking demos

It's still early in the new year and a great time to explore new hobbies. How about cooking or wine tasting? Amazon now offers virtual demos that can introduce you to the world — literally.

According to their website, Amazon Explore is a new interactive, live streaming service to explore new places and skills. We’ve picked a few of the most interesting programs.

What’s first on the list? How about Danger and Romance in Rome! With a group session of up to seven people for only $22.00 or a private session for $69.30, you and others can travel back in time 2,200 years ago! Check out the temples where Hercules and Portonus resided in Greek marble from Rome’s early architecture. Learn how the Basilica of Santa Maria church promoted the idea of St. Valentine’s Day. If you are not in the mood for romance, then find yourself in the original gladiator stadium that seated up to 150,000 Roman citizens to watch fights.

Let’s virtually move onto Tokyo's Asakusa shops for a more relaxing experience. Yet again, Amazon has reinvented online shopping to include live, virtual shopping in the most historic part of Tokyo for a private session for $39.00. Just select a date and a time and you’ll be filling up bags in no time. The highlight of this journey is the Nakamise Dior which holds all the famous shopping centers to browse in, and at the end of the long walkway you’ll find the Sensoji Temple towering over the shops.

Has all this touring worked up an appetite? Luckily, you can virtually learn how to make fresh pasta with the Toscana Mia sisters in Italy for a $50.00 private session! This will include a number of dishes that can assist with different tastes. You don’t even have to have grown up in Italy to make these dishes. It can be for anyone willing to try something out of their comfort zone. You can learn how to make traditional meals including how to make fettuccine with a mushroom and tomato sauce.

Now that your full from a delicious meal, get some drinks! This virtual wine tasting across Argentina is a big hit. Group sessions start at $5.00, with a private session going for $20.30. If you aren’t a big wine drinker, that’s okay, because then you can get as many taste tests as you like to find out which one suits you best. You'll compare dry wines to sweet wines, and hopefully decide your preferred taste. Just make sure you and everyone in your group is at least 21-years-of-age before you BYOB (bring your own bottles). The tour guide will then introduce the history of how wine was created and offer facts about Argentina’s main vineyards and how they get their wine to have such a spectacular taste.

What was your favorite virtual experience? From encountering Rome, shopping in Tokyo, cooking with the Mia sisters, and drinking some of the greatest wine in the world, these virtual tours are a must if you enjoy livestreamed events, or if you are just looking for something new to accomplish by yourself or with someone special.

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