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The Best Component Speakers to Improve Your Car’s Stereo System

  1. Polk Audio db6501 Component Speakers
  2. Focal Integration Component Speakers
  3. Alpine SPS-610C 6.5" Component Speakers
  4. Kenwood Performance Series Component Speaker System
  5. Pioneer TS-A1607C TS Series Component Car Speakers
  6. Focal Utopia Be Kit No. 7 Component System
  7. Morel Supremo 6 Component System
  8. Dynaudio Esotec System 242 GT 2-way Component System
  9. CDT Audio ES-62iUS - 6.5" 2-Way Gold Series Euro-Sport Component Speaker System
  10. Pioneer Stage 4 TS-C172PRS 6 3/4" Component Speaker
  11. Buyer's Guide

Let's face it - not all cars come with stellar sound systems. One of the best ways to improve any stereo system is to replace the factory speakers with a good set of component speakers. Decent speakers are capable of superior performance, bringing out minute details in your music without sounding shrill, tinny, or harsh. Higher-quality speakers can pump out music at higher volumes without distortion or loss in sound quality. Be advised, though - you'll pay a premium for the privilege of increased performance.

Although this list features multiple picks, it is ultimately your decision that you will have to live with. Therefore, be sure to sample each system and check out our list of the best component speakers in 2022 before deciding which one is right for you.

Compare The Best Component Speakers Of 2022

Polk Audio db6501 Component Speakers - Best Component Speakers Overall

The Polk Audio db6501 is a fine choice for those who want great performance without spending too much money. These speakers feature high-tech construction for maximum sound quality and durability. The cone material is comprised of Polk’s ‘Dynamic Balance’ polymer/mica composite, which ensures stiffness and light weight. The butyl rubber surround contributes to the excellent sound quality, which features crisp responses throughout. The performance-enhancing tweeters contain a neodymium magnet for tight, controlled voice coil movement. The system is rated at 10-100 watts RMS, with a peak power handling capacity of 300 watts. Whether you like your music loud or not, the Polk Audio db6501 boasts enough performance to really ramp up how your music sounds.

The 5.25-inch version of this speaker system is called 'db5251'.

Focal Integration Component Speakers - Runner Up

Considering that Focal tends to be considered a 'high-end only' brand, it may seem out of place to have these on a budget list. While it's true that the price for the Integration IS 165 may be a bit higher than the other picks, it's an incredible deal to be able to have Focal component speakers at such a reasonable price. With its polyglass woofer and inverted tweeter, the IS 165 delivers the company's renowned natural and detailed sound. If you're willing to pay a little bit more, the Focal IS 165 offers a jump in performance over many other of the relatively affordable choices.

Alpine SPS-610C 6.5" Component Speakers - Honorable Mention

The SPS-610C may seem like a minor touch-up of Alpine's previous SPS-600C, but this updated model truly deserves its new name. Both the tweeter and woofer have been reworked, with improvements aimed at increasing efficiency and controlling unwanted behaviors that reduce sound quality. Power handling remains the same at 80 watts RMS and 240 watts peak, but the SPS-610C returns better performance at all volume levels. Distortion starts showing up at extreme volume levels - this is a 'budget' speaker, after all. For casual listeners looking for an improvement over factory speakers, the Alpine SPS-610C is a good fit.

Kenwood Performance Series Component Speaker System - Consider

Kenwood has an established reputation for delivering solid products - usually at an extremely reasonable price. The KFC-P709PS is an excellent upgrade over any factory system, and is available at a price that won't break the bank. This particular speaker system is able to handle up to 80 watts RMS, with a max of 240 watts. The KFC-P709PS produces clear sound overall, and the lofty power handling rating translates into a speaker that can stand having the volume cranked high. Though nothing in this price range is likely to satisfy a picky audiophile, the Kenwood KFC-P708PS offers the ability to have an upgraded casual listening experience on a budget.

best component speaker

Pioneer TS-A1607C TS Series Component Car Speakers - Best Budget Component Speaker System

It's always a plus to be able to buy speakers from a trusted brand without having to empty your savings account. Pioneer's TS-A1605C component speakers present a great balance between performance and price, coming in at under $100 at many major retailers. Though no speaker in this class is likely to satisfy someone with higher performance demands, the TS-A1605C offers a substantial upgrade over factory systems with its crisp, clear highs and decent bass output. A 60 watt RMS power rating and the ability to handle up to 350 watts max provides good flexibility, though installing an amplifier capable of extracting the most performance is recommended.

Focal Utopia Be Kit No. 7 Component System - Best High End Component Speaker System

If your needs focus more on absolute sound quality over price, then this may be a viable solution. Focal’s incredibly expensive Utopia Be speakers are among the absolute best component speaker systems that (a lot of) money can buy. These speakers are extremely high-end through and through, from the hefty aluminum padded carrying case that they come in to the high-quality, high-tech materials used in the construction. The woofer cone is made of variable thickness foam sandwiched between two layers of glass fiber. The tweeters are constructed of ultra-expensive beryllium foil in an inverted-dome layout, which gives it performance like no other. Together, these speakers have the capability of recreating a vast range of frequencies, so the term ‘mobile concert hall’ is not stretching the truth one bit.

The other members of the Utopia Be family are the Kit No.5 and Kit No.6, which are 5.25-inch and 6.5-inch speakers, respectively. Kit No.7 is a 3-way system while Kit No.5 and Kit No.6 are both 2-way.

Morel Supremo 6 Component System - Best High End Component Speaker System

With a label like ‘the pinnacle of Morel’s component line’, these speakers shouldn’t be taken lightly. Morel is already a ‘boutique’ brand that specializes in high-quality audio equipment, so the Supremo line is truly something else. These are speakers built to handle extremes, judging from the hefty magnet and exclusive ‘Hexatech Aluminum’ material used in the voice coil. Max power handling is a substantial 1000 watts, though the 140 watt RMS rating allows for more reasonable volume levels. The Supremo speakers give up nothing in terms of sound quality, with outstanding response and accuracy in all ranges. Once you ignore the extortionate price and rather clichéd name, you’ll find that this component speaker system delivers all of the performance and attention to detail that you expect from something in this rarefied company.

Dynaudio Esotec System 242 GT 2-way Component System - Best High End Component Speaker System

Dynaudio is better known for developing premium sound systems for certain automakers, but they also have a range of high-quality component systems designed to bring music to life in just about any car. The Esotec System 242 GT is considered to be a 'gold standard', with absolutely lifelike sound reproduction which is well-worth the high price tag. This two-way system can handle 100 watts RMS, thanks to the quality construction and robust materials used for the loudspeakers. The system also features a set of oversized 1.1-inch (28mm) tweeters - this results in strong midrange and highs, all of which are clear enough to make low-quality audio files sound terrible on this system. Perhaps the best part of the Esotec System 242GT is that its neutral, distortion-free sound output can be installed in just about any car due to the cleverly-sized drivers which eliminates the need to cut body panels.

CDT Audio ES-62iUS - 6.5" 2-Way Gold Series Euro-Sport Component Speaker System - Best High End Component Speaker System

At first glance, CDT ES-62iUS is one of the most natural-sounding coaxial speakers on the market. However, the deep, silky sound produced by the CDT Audio ES-62iUS will please even the most discerning listeners who know that top-quality performance means big money. Given that, the ES-62iUS is actually a decent value for this class, with a price tag coming in at under a thousand dollars. These 2-way speakers boast power output rated at 200 watts RMS; combined with high-quality materials and high-end design, it's imperative that you stick to high-quality audio files. Simply put, this system will pick up all the noise and distortion created by overly-compressed files. Sound quality can be best defined as smooth and relaxed, though this is not to say that these speakers lack accuracy in any way.

Pioneer Stage 4 TS-C172PRS 6 3/4" Component Speaker - Best High End Component Speaker System

Pioneer is not a company that chooses to rest on its laurels. This company chooses to constantly refine and upgrade its products, as seen with the latest Stage 4 lineup of audio components. The previous 'TS-C' series speakers were always seen as high-end audiophile components, but the TS-C172PRS takes things to a new level. Pioneer developed a new 3-layer material named 'Injection Molded Matrix' to use for the cone, which combines accuracy with power handling capabilities not seen in cheaper materials. This speaker features one of the smoothest responses to frequencies with practically zero distortion thanks to the stiff woofer cone, resilient surround, and sealed chamber soft dome tweeters. The TS-C172PRS can handle anywhere from 5 to 50 watts RMS with up to 200 watts peak. While this component system is expensive, true audiophiles will swear that it's worth every penny.

Buyer's Guide

Rather than having the obsolete stereo system in your car, it's time to upgrade it with more advanced speaker technology. Out of the different car speaker types available, the component speakers are the most preferred because they offer improved sound quality, minor distortions in the sound notes, clear and sharper harmonics, and obviously, greater loudness. That's the reason why many manufacturers have introduced different types of component speakers for every car type.

With so many options, making the best choice can be daunting. So, how will you get successful in your hunt for the best component speakers? To solve your dilemma, here we have explained specific factors that you need to know to get your hands on the best component speakers for your car.

What Are The Different Parts Of A Component Speaker?

A component speaker is mainly made from three different components- subwoofers, crossovers, and tweeters. Each of these parts has its functionality, but they are connected in a way that improves overall operation of the speaker system. Since most people don't have a good idea about these technical parts, we have broken them down and explained their functions below.


Any music or a single audio signal has two main frequencies- high and low-frequency notes based on the harmonics. Moreover, since several instruments are used for composing songs, they produce sounds having different frequencies. The sound frequencies also vary according to the pitch of a voice record. Tweeters are meant to handle the high-frequency notes and amplify them internally for better treble, bass, and loudness. These are installed close to the ear level so that you can hear the sounds.


Crossovers can be considered as directional or divider units. They have frequency sensors built inside the component. When they receive the audio signals from the radio or the multi-entertainment system in your car, they measure the frequency of every signal. If the signal's frequency is higher than the threshold value, then it is sent to the tweeters. On the other hand, the signal will be sent to the subwoofers if the frequency is low.


Low-frequency signals need to be generated to support the high-frequency notes and bring more clarity to the harmonics. This is where the subwoofers come into play. They are also known as midbass audio drivers because their main task is to produce resonance within the car's cabin and low-frequency sounds. Unlike the tweeters, the subwoofers are usually mounted at the ceiling from where the signals can easily reach different locations inside the cabin.

What Factors Should You Consider To Choose The Best Component Speaker For Your Car?


Firstly, you need to consider the size of all the three parts of the component speakers- tweeter, subwoofers, and the crossovers. If they have bulky structures compared to the interior cabin's entire space, it will be a waste of money and time to buy that component speaker. So, you need to choose a product whose size matches the size of your car.

Power Rating

The component speakers usually have a higher power consumption range as compared to the regular speakers. So, before you choose a product, make sure that you are aware of its power consumption. Usually, the operational power range varies from 65 to 100 watts for a component speaker.


The crossovers need to be connected with other devices like the entertainment system you have in your car or your mobile phone. So, you need to ensure that the speaker is compatible with your devices and the car’s in-built entertainment system.

Sound Quality

You will be spending so much money to have a better sound quality and improve the ambiance of your car. But if the component speaker fails to meet your expectations, there will be no point in installing it in your car. So, before you make the final decision, do check the sound quality and whether the audio and voice have 100% clarity or not. In addition, you should check if any noise signal is getting imposed on the harmonics generated by the speaker system.

What Is The Difference Between Coaxial And Component Speakers?

- In a component speaker, you need to mount all three parts — the tweeter, subwoofer, and the crossover individually in different positions. But in a coaxial speaker, all these parts are combined into a single speaker unit.
- In most coaxial speakers, the tweeters or the crossovers are of low quality. But in the component speakers, you will have the independence to choose high-quality parts.
- Component speakers always work on high power limits ranging between 65 to 100 watts, while for coaxial, this range varies between 35 and 65 watts approximately.

What Are The Advantages Of Having Component Speakers?

There are several reasons for which car owners upgrade their audio system and add these component speakers. Let’s learn a few benefits of these speakers before wrapping up our discussion.

- With the component speakers, you will create a better ambiance inside the car with your favorite music.
- They improve the sound quality by ten folds as compared to the regular stereo speakers, which is why you will be able to hear shallow frequency sounds.
- They will allow you to enjoy the movie time just like a theatre in your car.

Component Speaker FAQ

Q: Can I buy a subwoofer separately for the rear end of my car?
A: Yes, you can buy a subwoofer along with the component speaker system and mount it at the rear end of your car. But make sure that the subwoofer is compatible with the specs of your car’s sound system.

Q: Are component speakers better than regular speakers?
A: If you are judging the car speakers based on sound quality, clarity between the words and voices, and loudness, then component speakers will outshine based on these factors. That's why most car owners prefer to upgrade the car's stereo system with component speakers.

Q: Can I control the bass and treble of a component speaker?
A: You don’t have to control the bass and treble of the component speaker manually.It has an in-built equalizer that will do the job for you.

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