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The Best Accent Table for Stylish Storage

  1. Modern Round Side End Living Room Accent Table
  2. Winsome Wood End Table/Night Stand Accent Table
  3. Round Side Table, Metal End Table, Nightstand/Small Tables for Living Room Accent Table
  4. HollyHOME 2-Tier Round Metal End Side Table Accent Table
  5. Monarch Specialties I 2206 Round Side Table End Accent Table
  6. Buyer's Guide

Side tables, nightstands, snack trays, practical storage, these are all excellent uses for some of the best accent table options. With appropriate design, an accent table can fit just about anywhere. Of course, the best accent tables in 2022 we picked are made with durable materials, they’re stylish and match the local decor, but they’re also highly functional as a small tabletop.

Best Accent Tables of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Modern Round Side End Living Room Accent Table - Best Accent Table Overall

This elegant table has a faux masonry surface and metal frame, and will grace any modern room. It's best suited as a display for vases, collectibles, and more. The laminate top looks just like stone.

  • Laminate top made to look like masonry
  • Durable metal frame in many styles
  • Supports up to 50lbs
  • Not stable for bulky or heavyweight items

The practical materials — including the laminate top — speak to the function of this table, while the design is sure to delight. It’s available in several color variations and styles, all of which are exquisite. The metal frame supports the top surface, holding up to 50lbs total, enough for some decorations or a sizable table lamp. Heavier items should be avoided, but then again, this is meant to be an accent table sitting beside seating, beds, and more.

Winsome Wood End Table/Night Stand Accent Table - Runner Up

This accent table includes a top drawer to store junk, paperwork, items, and bedside gear. It makes an excellent anywhere-use surface, with a composite wood build and plenty of support.

  • Composite wood material with a clean finish
  • Spacious under-mounted drawer
  • Holds up to 50lbs total
  • Bottom shelf not as sturdy

Made of composite wood, this tabletop provides quite a bit of heft and stability. It can hold up to 50lbs total and offers an under-mounted drawer for hideaway storage. A low-seated bottom shelf can support other items like pots, decor, and more. It comes in several colors including natural wood, walnut, black, and white. It’s relatively lightweight despite being more durable than most accent tables, and it’s easy to assemble.

Round Side Table, Metal End Table, Nightstand/Small Tables for Living Room Accent Table - Honorable Mention

This unique accent table includes a metal frame with an inverted top surface. It’s flat but it has sides, which create a shallow bowl. It works great as a side or end table.

  • All-iron metal frame and body
  • Tool-less and easy assembly
  • Supports up to 33lbs
  • Gold color won’t match every theme or taste

This rather simple yet stylish-looking table has a unique top surface. Rather than just a flat tabletop with edges, the sides are raised to create a shallow bowl. That makes it useful for many unique applications, such as to hold snack trays, drinks, and other items that might otherwise slide off the edge. It has an all-metal, iron frame with a gold finish. It’s easy to assemble, and no additional tools or hardware are needed.

HollyHOME 2-Tier Round Metal End Side Table Accent Table - Consider

This rust-proof, water-proof table setup is designed for temporary placement, and consists of a metal frame with a round, flat top. The surface is slightly indented to create a shallow tray for drinks, food, and more.

  • Breaks down and sets up easily
  • Steel frame and tray
  • Available in several colors
  • Only supports 20lbs max

Perfect as a place-and-go tabletop, this tray-and-stand combo can be moved around easily, while still creating a stable, useful surface. It’s a superb option for entertaining guests as a snack or drink tray. It comes in several colors from a pastel green or blue to a solid black. The steel frame and tray are sturdy and reliable, provided it’s not overloaded with weight. It can support about 15 to 20lbs total.

Monarch Specialties I 2206 Round Side Table End Accent Table - Best for Knick-Knacks

The convenient bin at the bottom of this table offers a neat space to toss some knick-knacks, toys, and small items. The frame is metal, with a rustic, wooden chipboard top and a fabric basket.

  • Engineered wood tabletop with a rustic finish
  • Has a built-in soft basket with 30L volume and 75lb capacity
  • Storage is detachable
  • Only one style available

The detachable storage basket alone makes this table incredibly useful in just about any room, even a kids’ playroom or bedroom. The basket is deep and can hold up to 30L of stuff, with a weight capacity of 75lbs. The engineered wood tabletop is sturdy and can hold about 20lbs. The frame is metal with a powder-coated all-black finish. Moreover, the entire system is super easy to assemble and the modern design should match any interior theme or decor.

Buyer's Guide

Accent tables are fast becoming a staple accessory for living spaces. They are not only great for their functionality, but they also pull a room together and bring it to life. If you are planning a living room update or furnishing a new space, accent tables are a stylish and practical choice.

What are accent tables?

Accent tables are tables that are not the main focus of a space such as a sofa in a living room, but stand out in the decor and are commonly functional. When chosen correctly, accent tables can add so much more than extra storage or an extra surface to place things. They can completely transform the look and feel of the room.

What should I consider before buying an accent table?

There are different things you need to consider and ask yourself about purchasing an accent table. This is where this guide comes in. We will be providing you with all the information you need.

What are the types of accent tables?

There are different kinds of accent tables and they all serve different purposes and have different design elements. Here are the types of accent tables you need to know when deciding what to buy.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are also known as cocktail tables. They sit at about the height of sofa cushions and are usually at the centre of the room in front of a sofa or a chair. They are great for holding coffee (obviously), displaying books and holding snacks for entertaining guests. They are many choices and can not only be a stylistic choice but can also come with storage capacity. They come in a wide range of designs and materials. They are very versatile as they can also be used in other rooms of the house.

End Tables

These are accent tables that are placed at the end of a sofa or by an accent chair. They are also known as side tables. They are commonly used to place lambs and can also be used to hold snacks when entertaining. They can also serve as bedside tables. However, this type of accent table is not made to have storage.

Console tables

These are tall long and narrow tables. They can be used in many ways in the home. They can be placed against a wall in a hallway, sitting room or dining room. They also come with a lower level shelf or drawer so they can be used to store items. They are often used as a television console.

Telephone Tables

This type of accent table is similar to an end table but it offers a shelf, drawer or cabinet as storage. They are commonly used to store pens, paper and remote controls.

Chairside Tables

These are similar to end tables but are much narrower. They are great for people with small spaces.

Martini Tables

These accent tables are circular in shape. They make for a great surface to place drinks without taking up too much space. They are usually placed beside a sofa or a chair.

What shape should my accent table be?

Accent tables can be made in many shapes from the regular rectangles, squares, and circles to the more adventurous triangular, half oval, and abstract shapes like wavy tables. This is up to your preference. Regular shapes give a more classic feel to a living space but if you would like to try something a bit bolder, you can choose a less regular or abstract shape. Take your time to explore all the options.

Do I need storage?

If you want accent tables that not only look great but also serve an added function, you should choose those that come with storage. In addition, if you are someone who likes to put things away and prefers an empty surface, you should choose accent tables that come with added storage.

How much space do I have?

If you have a small living space, you should choose smaller and narrower accent tables. Depending on how small your space is, end tables, chairside tables, martini tables, and telephone tables might be a better choice than coffee or console tables. You can also choose accent tables with storage as this could help you stow things away.

What material should my accent table be made from?

This largely depends on the interior design style you are aiming to achieve. If you are aiming for a more traditional look, wooden tables or marble-top tables or glass-top tables are the ones to pick. If you are going for a more modern look, you can choose bold pieces made from, plastic, wood, or metal. For an industrial look, choose tables that are made with a combination of wood and metal. Lastly, for a cottage style, you should choose wicker tables or made from distressed or painted wood.

Frequently asked questions on accent tables

Q: What do I need to assemble my accent table?
A: Many accent tables do not need to be assembled with more than a screwdriver. If you will be needing a screwdriver, make sure to check the type of screwdriver head you will need. Others are even easier to assemble and do not need any tools, however, they might not be as sturdy. Make sure to note the tools you will be needing and if you will be able to handle assembly yourself.

Q: What can I put on my accent table?
A: There are many choices when it comes to choosing accessories for your accent tables. These can range from books to picture frames, a unique piece of art, or a lamp. It is completely up to you and the possibilities are endless. Just make sure the items are not too heavy for your table.

Q: Do I need two end tables?
A: This will depend on the layout of your existing furniture. Most spaces have at least two end tables but if you do not think you have the space for or need more than one, that is fine too.

Q: Should my accent table match my furniture?
A: When it comes to accent tables, the bolder the better. For accent tables to properly liven up a room, they need to be distinguishable from the existing furniture.

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