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Give Your Baby The Best Sleep With These Best Baby Pillows

  1. W WelLifes Newborn Breathable Baby Pillow
  2. Celeep Organic Bedding Baby Pillow
  3. KeaBabies Machine Washable Baby Pillow
  4. Boppy Original Newborn Lounger Baby Pillow
  5. Buyer's Guide

The majority of newly titled parents often wonder why it is crucial to buy a specialized baby pillow. Instead, they can invest the same amount for purchasing a better cradle or toys for their kid. However, it is not a wise idea because baby cushions not only serve as a delicate surface for your child but also help in maintaining their correct body posture. In the early stages of development, children's bones are in the strengthening and shaping process. During these sensitive growth years, if they sleep in an inappropriate posture, they might form deformities like a flat head. Therefore, pediatricians recommend using a suitable size cushion for your baby to avoid such mishaps. Apart from body support, it also absorbs sweat and keeps your baby dry and fresh. Therefore, to help you make an informed decision, we are here with the list of the best baby pillows in 2022.

Best Baby Pillows Worth Considering in 2022

W WelLifes Newborn Breathable Baby Pillow - Best Overall

Give your infant the best comfort with this specialized baby pillow. Since its upper part is designed using cotton material, it is skin-friendly and does not cause itching to your cutie. Besides, a soft sponge material is added and gives extra comfort to your child. The bottom of this pillow is fabricated from 3D cool air net fabric, which offers adequate air circulation so that your baby remains sweat-free. You can also see a unique and mindful concave curve design in this pillow. It helps in providing adequate support to the body and protects against flat head since it is recommended to lay babies on their backs. Moreover, there are many prints and patterns to choose from. The company also assures you of using entirely safe materials and dye colors.

Celeep Organic Bedding Baby Pillow - Runner Up

This affordable, yet ultra-soft set of two baby pillows is perfect for enhancing your toddler's comfort. Made from 100% cotton fabric, these cushions are safe for the skin and do not cause any irritation. Furthermore, they are evenly filled with 7D hollow siliconized microfiber, providing adequate support and long-lasting softness. These pillows are also durable and do not form fiber lumps over time. Besides, kids fall in love with their attractive colors and prints if you don't choose the solid white option. You can also wash these cushions in the washing machine for convenience.

KeaBabies Machine Washable Baby Pillow - Honorable Mention

Ensure your toddler's sleeping soundly at night with this specially designed pillow for kids 2 to 5 years of age. KeaBabies created a great pillow that is durable enough for daily use. After throwing it in the washing machine over and over, it didn't lump and kept its shape to provide proper alignment for your little one. There are plenty of designs to choose from. A reminder that the design will be on the accompanying pillowcase and not on the actual pillow itself. Our favorite has to be the donut print. If you can't eat donuts all day, you might as well sleep on them.

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger Baby Pillow - Contender

Looking for a cushion for your infant? This lounger is ideally manufactured for newborn babies of 0 to 4 months old. Thanks to its high-quality premium polyester material, it is durable and spongy at the same time. Its fiber filling is water-resistant that makes it ideal for cleaning in the washing machine if there is spillage or an accident on it. You can effortlessly wipe stains from its fabric using a wet cloth. Moreover, the recessed design allows the pillow to cradle and makes it ideal for awake time. Since it has a unique print and color scheme of white, black and gold, it will fit in with a lot of your baby decor. It's also great for traveling. However, it is not suitable for sleep time since it does not have borders.

Buyer's Guide

We understand your concern about making the best product choice for your child. However, after being bombarded by the excellent cushion options, making a decision becomes difficult. Therefore, we are here with an exclusive buying guide that describes all the crucial factors for purchasing the most suitable baby pillow for your kid.

What Are The Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Baby Pillow?


By mentioning design, we mean the structural design of the cushion. Babies have growing bones which are more likely to get deformed if a proper body posture is not maintained. Flat head syndrome or poor spinal cord strength can occur. Therefore, pediatricians suggest using cushions with a concave curve at the center that supports the baby's head. You can also select a baby cushion with the plush feature that allows the head to sink in and gives full support to the neck area.

Air Mesh

A dense pillow can be durable, but the breathability of the product can be compromised. To solve this problem, an air mesh net or fabric is used along with the primary material. You can find pillows reinforced with 3D to 7D air mesh nets. The higher the range of the net, the more air circulation or breathability of the pillow. These cushions are ideal for all-seasons since they remain cool in hot summers and provide warmth in the winter.


It is crucial to make sure that the baby pillow you choose fits your child's age. To be clear, there is no standard size recommendation from our side. Instead, we want you to make your decision by keeping these two factors in mind. They are the age of your baby and the size of your child. Most infant cushions measure 13x18 inches in dimension. However, you can also go for adjustable height pillows. The best advantage of the latter one is that you can increase the size of the cushion when your child grows.

How To Maintain Baby Pillows For the Long-Term

  • Always check the washing instructions mentioned on the product before the first wash. Some infant cushions can be cleaned in washing machines, while others are strictly recommended for hand wash.
  • Do not iron the pillows as it can damage the filler material and their overall softness and durability.
  • Most people bleach every white fabric to enhance brightness, but it is not advised to bleach the baby cushions as it can cause peeling of their material.
  • Nowadays, you can also find cushions that can be spot cleaned, meaning that you can directly wipe the stains with a damp cloth or towel.

Which Feature Is The Must Important For A Good Baby Pillow?

The material of the pillow is the most crucial factor to consider for making a good purchase. Now there are two elements in the cushions where fabric is used. One is the outer covering, for which the most suitable material is cotton fiber. Cotton absorbs sweat and gentle against their skin. Furthermore, it will be a cherry on top if you go for pure combed cotton as it is the best in terms of softness and breathability.

The second element of fabric is the filler material. We suggest going for polyester or cotton. Make sure to check the lump-free feature as some poor quality fillers form lumps over time which can create an uneven pillow surface. Further usage of such uneven cushions can cause some issues in your kid.

The durability of the baby pillow is also determined by the fabric. Polyester and combed cotton are excellent choices. On top of that, you can also go for 250 thread count pillows that are considered to be very durable.

Baby Pillow Or Baby Lounger, Which One Is Better?

Baby Pillow

Pillows for babies are designed to support the head, neck, and spinal cord of your child. They are ideal for traveling or awake time. You can also wash it in the washing machine.

Baby Lounger

The lounger is similar to the baby pillow, but it serves as a cushion for the whole body of the newborn. In short, you can lay your baby entirely on the lounger. They are soft, spongy, and durable, like infant cushions.

Baby Pillow FAQ

Q: Can I iron the baby pillow?

A: No, it is not advisable to iron any baby pillow. They are made from delicate material, and pressing can damage them. Further, they can lose their fluffiness and form lumps that give rise to uneven surfaces of the cushions.

Q: What is the ideal size of a baby pillow?

A: Most baby pillows are manufactured in the dimensions of 13x18 inches. However, you can go for an adjustable height cushion that can be customized according to your child's size.

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