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Best Beard Kits for a Well-Maintained, Luscious Beard

  1. XIKEZAN Grooming Growth Care Gifts Beard Kit
  2. Viking Revolution Beard Kit
  3. Tame The Wild Make Your Beard Behave Grooming Kit
  4. Naturenics Premium Beard Grooming Kit
  5. Isner Mile Grooming & Trimming Beard Kit
  6. Naland Derma Roller Beard Kit
  7. FULLLIGHT TECH Shaving Scissors Beard Kit
  8. Buyer's Guide

Beards are not easy to maintain as they are rough, coarse, and messy, but with a proper grooming set, you can achieve a well-maintained beard in no time. The best beard kits in 2022 are designed with specific hair growth ingredients that will help to stimulate your hair follicles to improve their growth rate. They also contain tons of products with which you can style, trim, and groom your facial hair as your please.

Because there are so many beard kits out there, it becomes incredibly challenging to select the perfect one. That's why we have reviewed the top grooming sets to help you narrow down your choices along your buying journey. We have also created a buying guide with all the factors you should consider to get your hands on the best kit.

Here are the best beard kits of 2022

XIKEZAN Grooming Growth Care Gifts Beard Kit - Best Overall

This beard kit is extremely popular amongst men with thick beards. It comes in a proper gift box filled with a total of seven grooming products, including beard scissors, a brush, a comb, beard oil, shampoo, conditioner, and balm. Each liquid container has a volume of four ounces, which is enough to last for a month. In addition, you also get a travel pounch and an e-book that contains various tips and tricks on how to grow and maintain your beard. Whether you have coarse, dry, thick, or thin hair, this kit will work wonderfully on your beard and make your look fabulous within a week. Jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin E, and other natural ingredients make up the quality formulas for the balm, conditioner, oil, and shampoo. These ingredients ensure a smooth, itch-free beard that will smell great.

Viking Revolution Beard Kit - Best Results

Viking Revolution's beard kit includes everything you'll need for a great-looking bread. All items come in a sleek metal box. You will get a wooden boar hairbrush, a pocket beard comb with two sides, citrus-scented beard style balm, unscented beard care oil, and scissors. The brush and comb will aid in detangling your hair, while the oil will soften it before applying the balm. The box contains foam inserts, allowing it to be used repeatedly. The balm and oil will help with a brittle beard and beard irritation, and dry skin. The beard oil is unscented so that it won't interfere with the citrus aroma. The oil is mild enough to be used daily for hair and skin health.

Tame The Wild Make Your Beard Behave Grooming Kit - Runner Up

If you have beard hair growing in all directions and want it properly maintained, then this kit is the perfect option for you. It is a six-piece set and comes with all the essential items that you need to get a high-end, professional look. You get beard soap and balm, a comb, a handy beard straightener, heat spray, and a pouch to keep everything organized. The straightener is perfect for those with unruly beards and has an anti-scald design that prevents your skin from getting burned. The ceramic bristles work evenly on all strands of hair, including the baby ones, so that you don’t get an uneven look. The beard straightener has multiple heat levels and is completely safe to use on all hair types.

Naturenics Premium Beard Grooming Kit - Best for Softness

Do you want your beard to seem fuller and denser? Not all beard oils and balms are created equal. The strength and performance of this premium grade 6-piece beard grooming set will astound you. This organic beard oil hydrates your skin and facial hair while stimulating beard growth and removing irritation and dandruff. And you can easily tame and style your beard using beard balm/wax, beard conditioner, which means your beard will appear glossy, silky, and gorgeous all day. It is made entirely of natural, organic, and high-quality components. The beard brush with firm bristles detangles and exfoliates skin. The anti-static Bamboo beard comb efficiently detangles wet and dry beards with ease, allowing you to straighten and style your beard like a boss.

Isner Mile Grooming & Trimming Beard Kit - Also Consider

Getting quality beard products at an affordable price can be quite difficult, but this set is an exception. You will receive a shampoo, beard balm, brush, a stainless steel straight razor, conditioner oil, comb, scissors, and a pouch - all at a moderate price. All the items are made with natural ingredients so that you don't get any irritated skin or itchiness. The balm wax and the conditioner oil are unscented and made with grapeseed oil, shea butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil that encourage beard growth and moisturizes your hair. With the help of a razor and scissors, you can trim your beard and keep it in perfect shape. Plus, the mahogany comb will help you remove knots without generating any static. This kit also comes with an e-book that contains loads of helpful beard maintenance tips.

Naland Derma Roller Beard Kit - Contender

If you have just started growing a beard and aren't quite sure how to maintain it, then this beginner kit is a great choice. It comes with a derma roller made out of titanium that effectively stimulates the hair follicles on your face and encourages beard growth. The device makes sure that the collagen and elastin on your face are activated, decreasing the chances of getting a patchy beard. Apart from the derma roller, the kit includes growth oil, balm, activator serum, and a beard comb. Each of products is made with organic ingredients and is perfect for both thick and thin hair. The biotin and arginine in the products are proven to increase beard growth, and the soothing tea tree fragrance makes the products pleasing to use.

FULLLIGHT TECH Shaving Scissors Beard Kit - Consider

This beard growth kit contains all the essentials that you'll need to maintain your thick facial hair. It comes with a derma roller, scissors, comb, brush, beard balm, oil, beard wash, and a pouch to store all the items. Each of the liquid products in this kit are made with natural and growth-enabling ingredients, such as argan oil and vitamin E. After you have washed your beard properly, start using the derma roller slowly. It is specifically designed for people with patchy beards and will help force the hair follicles to produce new, thicker hair. The comb and scissors are essential for keeping your beard perfectly trimmed, removing any straggly hairs that may make you look unkempt.

Buyer's Guide

Beard kits are specifically designed to enable facial hair growth. They often contain products that help you maintain that thick hair properly, but you cannot simply buy any grooming set that you see on the market. There are various factors that determine the kit's overall quality, and not every kit will be the perfect solution to what you need. Here, we have noted all the essential characteristics the best beard kit should have to help you make a wise purchase.

What products should a beard kit contain?

Beard oil

Beard oil is an essential grooming product that usually contains argan and jojoba oil. If you have a heavy beard that often leads to dry and itchy skin or rashes, then beard oil can come in handy. It not only moisturizes your skin and hair but also helps you get relief from itchiness and rashes while encouraging healthy hair growth.


Beard shampoo is a must in every grooming set as it helps in cleaning your thick beard from dirt, pollutants, and dandruff. Because of these pollutants, facial hair becomes extremely unmanageable and itchy. If you don't wash your beard regularly, it won't look as voluminous and it may lead to tough, rough hair.


A beard conditioner works the same as a hair conditioner, except it is specifically made for coarse and thick hair. Conditioners are a thick solution made with natural ingredients like grapeseed oil, shea butter, and tea tree oil that keep your beard moisturized and smooth.

Beard balm

Balm, or wax, is a great alternative to beard oil when you don't want your hands to get messy. These balms are mostly made of argan oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and other essential oils to make your hair manageable and smooth. Balms are made to soften your beard hair, making it smooth and eliminating coarseness.

Beard growth spray

Growth spray is not quite as popular as other items, but it does provide significant results. It contains tons of vitamins that encourage beard hair growth and cover up the patchy areas. You can use it every morning after washing your face to witness significant results, possibly in as little as a week.


Regular trimming is necessary to remove rough hair and split ends from your beard. That's why most beard kits provide a pair of scissors that are perfect for grooming your beard. You can trim unruly hairs to keep an even, full beard that looks well-kept. However, make sure to use them carefully as they can cause some serious injuries when handled improperly. If you are not confident about using scissors or razors, then it’s better to reach out to a professional.


The last thing that a beard kit should contain is a pouch to keep all the items in it. A reliable pouch helps you organize your products properly and makes it easier to travel with your new beard maintenance routine.

What factors should you look for in a beard grooming kit?

Quality ingredients

The first and foremost thing that you should look at while purchasing a grooming set is the list of ingredients and their quality. There are cases when people buy famous beard kits but get rashes afterward because the ingredients didn't suit their skin type. That’s why you should always look for the ingredient list to know if there is any content that is not suitable for your skin type or causes allergic reactions.


The quantity of products in a grooming kit can set some kits apart from others, especially when it comes to value for money. You should always look for a set that contains enough products that will suit your routine, as well as how much of each product there is. Look for a higher liquid quantity so that the product can last for at least a month. Make sure the quantity of the balm, oil, and shampoo is higher than other items, as they are used more frequently.


Balms and shampoos are usually scented due to the presence of essential oils, such as lavender or tea tree. These are soothing smells, but some may have too strong of a smell, making it unpleasant. However, individuals with sensitive skin may find scented products irritating. There are plenty of grooming kits that do not contain any fragrance and are marked as "unscented" on the box, so make sure to check for the label before making the purchase to avoid buying scented products.


Instead of straightening your hair with your hands, it's better to use a comb. Beard kits mostly provide wooden combs that do not create static energy and help in removing all knots and locks. Combing your beard increases its growth rate and also helps in getting smooth tresses. But, most grooming kits provide a hairbrush instead of a comb, and that will work just as fine.

How much does a beard growth kit cost?

The price of a standard beard grooming kit starts at around $20 and can go up to $40 or more. You can find several kits from well-known brands in this price range. The cost of beard kits depends upon the brand, number of items, the quantity of liquid products, ingredient quality, and many other factors. If you go for a beard set that is made of organic ingredients, then its price can be much more than $40. That's why you should always look for a variety of products, compare them properly, and then make a decision so that you won't regret it later.

What vitamins can help in improving your beard growth?

For getting a luscious beard, you need to nourish it with essential vitamins. Yes, there are some nutrients that help in growing your beard and make it smooth. Some of them include:

Caffeine extract

Caffeine can easily pierce through roots and stimulate them to produce hair. You can either use caffeine-based products or directly apply caffeine extract over your face.


Biotin is usually prescribed for scalp hair growth as it triggers the amino acids that are responsible for protein synthesis. But, you can also use it to grow your beard quickly.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is known for improving blood circulation near the hair follicles that helps them in providing energy for beard growth and regeneration.


Zinc acts as a stoppage for hair shedding by providing enough nutrients and improving the health of damaged hair follicles.


Hair follicles, irrespective of their location in the body, are made up of keratin, which is a form of protein. The growth of your beard gradually increases with the increase of protein intake.

Beard Kit FAQ

Q: Do beard growth kits actually work?

A: Yes, beard growth kits do help in increasing facial hair growth naturally. They contain ingredients that moisturize the beard hair and increase their volume, too.

Q: Should I use a derma roller every day?

A: No, you should not use a derma roller every day as it can seriously harm your skin and cause rashes. Use the roller twice a week on your face by applying minimum pressure to avoid any scratches and overstimulation.

Q: Is beard oil effective?

A: Yes, beard oils are effective and provide good results. They contain natural ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, and sunflower oil that help in massaging the hair follicles for better growth. The oils also help soften the hair, reducing coarseness.

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